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Are hormones making your health and life miserable?







If you are a woman (especially aged late thirties to sixties) it is very likely that if you are starting to suffer with a range of niggling physical health or aging body issues, or finding it harder to regain your inner peace or just finding energy and happiness more elusive; that unhappy hormones are responsible.

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As much as we love clothes shopping with friends, we soon realise that certain colours, size, fit and shape items feel instantly better on us, yet may be quite different than what suits our friend.

So it’s the same with a natural approach to hormones; we are all individual and a one-size-fits-all approach to balancing hormones may not give the best results; because it does not address the root cause of YOUR specific hormone imbalance.

My Assessments are designed to help you understand your own body; why it is creating frustrating symptoms; why you don’t feel like you anymore.

This information is specific to YOU, because your body is not exactly the same as your best friend. Knowing these subtle differences helps you create faster more effective results…and is both fascinating and empowering.

Women and hormones


Imagine if you could talk to your body?

How easy would it feel if you knew exactly what your own body needed to feel balanced, energised and happy?
What if once you had this information you were guided step-by-step to bring your body back into balance……gaining control over your hormones and health levels?

Thank you so much for all of the information! It is all so fascinating and helpful… I will certainly be taking your advice and give myself at least month to see how I get on. I will be in touch to let you know how I’m getting on.Northants


Even better what if this was as simple as looking into your eyes (iridology) and a deeply relaxing treatment on and around the feet (Reflex Touch Therapy) and a chance to discuss your symptoms and discover how a natural approach could help you?

I am Joanne Oliver Herbalist and Intuitive Natural Healer, and have worked with hundreds of clients over the past 15 years, especially women and hormone related symptoms. I have developed my special health/hormone assessment with free report and crucial next steps to help you discover why your body is out of balance and the simple natural solutions that can get you started straight away.

Thank you Jo for the treatment and follow up advise. I have started putting it into place and am surprised how much easier it is than I could have guessed. KH Northants

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