Are hormones making your health and life miserable?








Do you feel;

  • No energy, tired, flat and lost your drive?
  • Not getting enough quality sleep; with or without hot flushes?
  • Wired but tired?
  • Unwanted ‘out-of-control’ sugar cravings and emotions?
  • Cold all the time or embarrassing hot flushes?
  • Anxious feelings, anxiety attacks or heart palpitations?
  • Do you suffer with IBS and other digestive distress?
  • Suffer with migraines and headaches?
  • Do you feel irritated, angry or completely fed up?
  • Struggle to lose weight or lose the belly?
  • Feel ‘hormonal’ and/or ‘out of control’?
  • Menstrual cycle is/has changed?
  • Lost your libido, concentration and memory?
  • Suffer with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, thyroid issues, PCOS, endometriosis?
  • Urinary infections / incontinence

All of the above along with many other symptoms can be caused by an unbalanced hormone system.

While new research is showing us how we can reverse and slow much of the aging process allowing us to look and feel good for longer; many women dread the hormone changes. Our fast paced modern world places a burden on the hormone system which is responsible for our stress response, our metabolism, emotions, reaction to stimulants and which in women is far more complex and then does a massive change!

The body has several hormone glands and supporting organs that need to be balanced so that they can work together as a team and each of us is just slightly different enough to make this balance individual.

Just as we accept that our body is slightly different to our friends when it comes to clothes, finding we look and feel better with aWomen and hormones different size, colour or fit than they do.

So it’s the same with a natural approach to hormones; we are all individual and a one-size-fits-all approach to balancing hormones may not give the best results; because it does not address the root cause of any hormone imbalance.

A natural approach to hormones often feels right, but again even with a natural product doing exactly the same as your friend may not get you the same results.

“Jo is really interesting, the treatment and advice allows a supportive/safe environment that enables you to learn about yourself and self -support and improve your health in between treatments. R Oxon”

Ancient healers taught us to treat the individual body, find the subtle differences then strengthen and support to bring the body into balance. They used healing foods, herbs, movement, self-care, emotional support, mind-set and esoteric understanding all designed to work with the individual; over the past 15 years and hundreds of clients I have found this an effective combination.

Imagine if you could talk to your body? Imagine how easy health would feel if you could find out what your own body needed to feel balanced and
happy? What if once you had this information you were guided step-by-step to help bring your body back into balance……gaining control over your hormones and health levels?

Even better what if this was as simple as looking into your eyes (iridology) and a deeply relaxing treatment on and around the feet (Reflex Touch Therapy) and you were emailed a summary explaining what you needed to know about your body?

Welcome, I am Joanne Oliver Herbalist and Intuitive Natural Healer, and have worked with hundreds of clients over the past 15 years, especially women and hormone related symptoms. I have developed my special health/hormone assessment with free report and crucial next steps to help you discover why your body is out of balance and the simple natural solutions that can get you started straight away.

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