Joanne Oliver

Joanne Oliver

Hello I am Joanne Oliver an experienced herbalist and intuitive natural healer based in the Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire border.

I am passionate about helping people find better health with natural healing. My focus is on helping clients create vibrant health and vitality and greater peace of mind. I believe and have seen many times that natural health can improve your health no matter what current condition or age you start…

The first place to start is to understand your personal body and current health levels and where you may be out of balance. I call this understanding the root causes of any current symptoms or health challenges. In the long run knowing your own body better will save you money and time as you go straight to what YOUR body needs and often this is only a few simple changes.

My work can be fascinating as my intuitive assessments (eyes and feet) help me know about you and your body before you tell me anything. Find out more about my initial Natural Health Assessments HERE

Jo is really interesting, the treatment and advice allows a supportive/safe environment that enables you to learn about yourself and self -support and improve your health in between treatments. R Oxon

Can I help you?

As a general rule I can help chronic health conditions – long-term such as fibromyalgia or recurring such as infections and usually conditions that develop over time i.e. you were not born with them such as arthritis.  My work is helpful for issues such as tired all the time, headaches and IBS which can have many possible causes. Many people contact me to ask if I can help them so please read more about my work.

What does my work involve?

The Natural Health Assessment gives me an insight into where your body is out of balance. You will usually go away with a plan of how to improve your health; usually 2 or 3 key areas to focus on.  I call this natural self-care. These can include changes to your current food and lifestyle habits, herbal remedies, supplements and/or natural healing routines. My work also covers emotions, personal development, soul and spiritual development and therapy energy work always tailored to your individual needs. You can read more about my natural self-care and health upgrades work

How to find out more

If you are interested to work with me you can read all about my clinic and how to book an appointment HERE. It can be helpful to hear what other people say about my work and to find out more about me.