How are you Getting on?

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hang-on-in-thereJust checking in with you to see how you are getting on?

Last article I mentioned what an important month September is for building our health over the WINTER months. I shared that I had noticed at this time of year we are either feeling overwhelmed or have lost our motivation.

I had quite a few responses from you!


For the first time ever I am going to share YOUR stories…because so many of you INSPIRE me!

No names…no personal details!


The new online club will be based on your iridology charts. A new part of this is that intuitively I will score your personal chart as % for instance you maybe lymphatic/neurogenic with sugar signs; is this 33% each or is one sign bigger?

Going forward you will be given a score card so you know what % score each area is as this is super helpful in understanding which area to support most/first.

So please dig out your iridology charts before the club launches!

If you book an appointment ask me to score your eyes so you have this ready to use! more on IRIDOLOGY

Client A….Intuitive

This client decided to make 2016 the year she made her own self-care and health a top priority. She made a list of better habits to focus on at the start of the year and has stuck with them 85% of the time. Like many of you her focus was on hormones and looking and feeling great.

She had a few areas she wanted to explore and support at a deeper level. Some of these were physical areas of her health and others were spiritual. At each appointment we worked on ONE area and discussed how she could continue the work at home.

Like many of us she had her challenges this year but never missed an appointment and in fact made huge steps forward in her personal development.

I would say what stood out working with this client was her FOCUS, CONSISTENCY and PLANNING.  I really got to flex my intuitive muscles and the inspiring information we received was often completely new to me as well. I would say the biggest tool used was the flower essence therapy AND her amazing attitude.

CLIENT B….New…help!

This was a new client (I have had a lot this year!)

What really stood out was that she DID follow up and ask me questions after the appointment. She made changes and kept asking for help.

The first Assessment is HUGE I throw a lot of information at you.

BUT I always suggest you ONLY make 1 or 2 changes at a time and indicate which ones these should be.

Often they are not easy (at first) to put into practice; we are all busy and find change difficult.

You have 2 choices;

Stop and give up


Ask for help!

This is the beauty of 1 to 1 appointments; you have support. So often new clients give up instead of ask for help. So many of you find that when you have that little bit of help it becomes EASIER and you see results. Better sleep, sugar cravings and digestion are common areas I work on with new clients and I have so many ways to help you with all of these.

This is what I currently offer as Support;

  1. FREE email support – ask your question
  2. Follow-up appointments 30 or 60 minutes – get personal current support/assessment
  3. 20 minute skype or telephone call £10 – sometimes it is easier to chat, so I will get your notes and discuss step-by-step


There are a few of you! This year has been BIG on the relationship front. There is a big shift going on in the energy between men and women especially with many people finding they are single again.

Relationship issues can be one of the biggest causes of stress and stress impacts ALL areas of health but with ALL of these women HORMONE balance was key.

The ladies I have been supporting have been learning to balance their physical health especially hormones with the big spiritual shifts that are happening with relationships…this is a brand new phase. There are more single people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s working out how to live life to the full and find peace and romance again…..

Again while these ladies have been facing many challenges they have also been developing amazing strengths.

Natural health can be fantastic with relationships which I had never been aware of before. The more time you pour into your own self-care, personal/spiritual development and energy levels the better you feel in yourself, more confident, sexy and in control of YOUR life!

So….how are YOU getting on? Let me know!

I have appointments at Red Barn Retreat every Thursday, Saturday afternoons, and some Mondays