Natural Health Assessments

What to expect in clinic with Joanne Oliver, Intuitive Herbalist, during 2017.

My follow-up one-to-one appointments are very different to your Initial Assessment, read on to see if they can help you.

Full one hour £35

30 minute £17.50


Relax and let go………

Relax and let go

If you are really going through some big challenges, emotional and health-wise and feel under stress then I recommend my 30 minute relax-and-let-go appointments. During the peak of stress what the body needs us to do is calm down, relax and become grounded. This can be almost impossible for us to do without support. This is where Reflex Touch Therapy is beautiful. The gentle, soothing treatment on and around the feet is designed to relax us, physically, emotionally and even the mind. Everything from the music I chose to the type of touch used is carefully designed to relax you at a deep level.

Benefits; once the body relaxes you feel calm, and more positive, your own natural intuition can flow and start to guide you to solutions. Often what we need to do right now is allow the body a period of Rest. Clients comment that the positive feelings last over 48 hours.

More Support & bespoke Herbal Remedies


It might be hormones, recurrent infections, fatigue, sugar cravings, skin issues, digestion or sleep problems. A personal herbal formula can really help on a daily basis. I need to take a full case history, such as medications and will ask lots of questions. I will also perform Reflex Touch Therapy (on and around bare feet) as this allows me to assess the current health levels of all your main organs within the body. As a bonus it feels great!

From this very detailed assessment I can design your own bespoke herbal formula – each herb is chosen for a specific purpose and I match the herbs to your body, and your individual needs. The herbs come in tincture form (alcohol) and are simple to use. I am passionate about herbs and will share which herbs I have chosen and why!

Herbs and your health often need lifestyle changes to get faster and long-lasting results and I will also explain which natural self-care areas of the body will help you most.

You can choose to do them on your own, or join Live Life Natural where I take you through them step-by-step and share all my tips to get the best results (for just £5 a month).

Either way you will receive a follow-up personal summary email from me.

Emotional Support


Our own feelings can be a cause of personal pain and impact our energy and health levels. Learning how to balance our emotions can transform our lives! This work can support the small stuff as well as deeper emotional issues, for instance feeling more irritated, or anxious, or numb or sad. Could be relationship-based or spiritual or personal growth.

I look at emotions in several different ways;

  • Impact of diet and how we feel – they are linked!
  • How an unbalanced specific organ in the body impact emotions such as liver and feeling irritated and frustrated
  • Intuitive and spiritual insights into relationships and emotions
  • Flower Essence Therapy
  • Chakra balancing and insights via Reflex Touch Therapy
  • Herbal Bliss Tonics
  • Energy healing via Reflex touch Therapy

These appointments can be used alongside anti-depressants and counselling where they will bring extra support and inner strength

These appointments are a blend of all of the above and very popular. Please note as with all my work, you must be ready to make changes.

For 2017 I will be developing these appointments especially the flower essence therapy and chakra support.

How am I getting on / check-in?

Many clients book an annual or seasonal check-in appointment similar to an MOT. These appointments can also be used when we are ready to upgrade our health or wish to focus on a specific area such as better energy, sugar cravings or hormones.

These all combine very well with Live Life Natural online membership support as optional support.


My clinic is at Red Barn Retreat call 01280 702816 email