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The heart of my treatment consultations…..

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Described by clients as a gentle combination of conventional reflexology and Reiki, this little known therapy has become the heart of my clinic because of its outstanding benefits.

I met Pat Morrell in 2005 and she changed my understanding of health with her unique foot treatment and healing philosophy;

In 2012 with the blessing of Pat Morrell (now retired) I set up my own school and started teaching her method

How reflex Touch can benefit you;

  1. FEELS so deeply relaxing to receive and is Non-invasive as only socks and shoes need to be removed.
  2. FEEDBACK of current health levels of all the major organs in around 30 minutes of relaxation……providing a living map of your changing health. This is key to understanding which herbs, foods and other self-care practices YOUR body needs.
  3. GENTLE flow used is designed to ease and relax the nervous system; essential in the repair and re-balance of stress on the body. Stress is a large factor in most health issues and modern life and the reflex induced relaxation which can last for up to 48 hours is so beneficial.
  4. WHOLE body support includes physical, emotional and spiritual. The special light flowing touch and varied subtle moves are also designed to access the electromagnetic field which is where the frequency of emotions and energy pathways can be accessed.

I find this treatment so valuable for supporting women and hormone related issues as in a very gentle manner I can assess all of the main hormone glands and the supporting organs giving subtle but accurate guide on where to support and nourish.

Reflex Touch is gaining popularity for its deeply relaxing, gentle, and nourishing effects on physical, mental, emotional and even subtle energy levels of the body. It is popular with the aged, the young, the stressed, the ill, and also those who are interested in looking and feeling great!

Each treatment starts with a short Consultation on any current health needs. You are then reclined in a special chair and wrapped in soft throws. Only your shoes and socks need to be removed. Natural oil is applied to allow the unique specially trained flowing movement on and around your feet.

Each treatment is tailored to you as an individual, designed to relax your body and mind, restoring balance and harmony. You do not need to have an existing health condition to enjoy and benefit from this beautiful treatment

All my assessments and ongoing treatments include Reflex Touch Therapy

Reflex is perfectly tailored to the needs and demands of modern life, providing many benefits to our natural well-being.


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How Other people describe their reflex touch treatments…………..

Deeply relaxing Reflex Touch

A natural touch that means so much

In anticipation of my first Reflex Touch treatment I was filled with curiosity, excitement and if I’m honest, some in trepidation of what may be identified. Although I had no known serious ailments, it’s fair to say that I had several on-going niggles and an inherent desire to naturally improve my health and overall wellbeing. As someone with an interest in alternative remedies, I have had several reflexology treatments in the past and so was very interested to see how Reflex Touch compared.

Within seconds of the treatment beginning the differences were clear. Reflex Touch is all about the touch, and it is just that – the gentlest of touch, as opposed to a massage. The spiritual element is the other significant difference, especially the energy transferred from therapist to client. Perhaps not all feel it straight away, but I certainly felt it as an incredibly calming, relaxing and warm sensation.

On the surface this was a soothing treatment, not to mention pampering of the feet, with warming strokes and then the gentle touch, but in reality this went so much deeper. Jo picked up on stresses and emotions within my body that only I would know about and identified unbalances within my body that made perfect sense.

Afterwards I felt a completely relaxed and a warm tingling feeling on my feet. Shortly after this I felt a chill across my whole body, followed by an overall soothing sensation. Over an hour later my feet still felt so relaxed and tingly, not to mention soft! I could almost hear them thanking me for the treat and I am certainly thankful for this enlightening experience that I am already looking forward to experiencing again. Tackley Oxon.


My journey with Reflex Touch started in 2010. It was a particularly low point in my life. I was shut down, effectively dead inside and on anti-depressants. Barely functioning would probably be an apt description. I went to my first treatment without any expectations, I was curious and quite frankly had nothing to lose. I thought, ‘why not, I’ll give it a go’. Reflex Touch helped me so much. It empowered me. It made me want to address issues in my life. It prompted me to make major life changes and I am much happier as a result. It nurtured me and made me realize that I actually mattered. Brackley Northants


I had my first Reflex Touch treatment about 4 years after a friend recommended it. She had been having a few problems in her life and found that it had really helped her. As I had never heard of this treatment I decided to find out what it was all about.

After my first treatment I was totally convinced about Reflex Touch. I felt very calm, relaxed and peaceful. I continued to have treatments regularly as I found them so deeply relaxing. They helped me to recognise that our bodies are continually changing and we must listen to what it is telling us – we so often ignore symptoms and this in turn leads to diseases or complete exhaustion. In today’s busy world, where life is so hectic and fast I think it is very important to become more intuitive about what we as an individual need and what our body needs. Reflex helped me to look at my diet and lifestyle and this in turn helped me to realise the amazing healing benefits of a Reflex Treatment.Northants


I started having Reflex Touch Treatments in 2005 for a chronic longstanding problem and found this to be immensely helpful, the treatments themselves were so relaxing that I continued to go regularly even after my health condition cleared up, as it helped with my stressful lifestyle as well. Milton Keynes

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