September – Be Good to Me Month

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September is an important month for our health as we slide from summer into autumn; just as nature makes changes at this time of year our own bodies need us to support them as well.

be good to me

As this is such a special and powerful time I wanted to provide you with some extra support and hope you find this article encourages your own self-care over the next few weeks……

Be good to Me September

Summer months of June – August is a time when we can embrace ‘out-door’ living; soaking up the lazy warm sunshine, the longer hours of light, and all the freshly grown summer fruits and vegetables. This is the time when we often find healthy well-being much easier and build our energy reserves up.

The months of September and October are a time when nature, including our own body, prepares for the colder darker months ahead.

If you find autumn and winter difficult months for health and/or emotions and dread this time, you are not alone. Yet it is possible, with a little planning and understanding, to survive and even thrive through until spring, and it starts in September.

September is generally a warm and beautiful month and can feel like summer and this good feeling can be used proactively to start some important self-care. Every September I personally can ‘feel’ us quietly move into autumn and I know that my body is already responding to the subtle signs. Now we all have a choice….ignore all the signs or work with them?

Common Challenges we face right now

Over 15 years of working with clients during September and taught me the most common challenges you are likely to be facing right now;

Drifting, no motivation – the summer months can slow us down so much that we can’t get going again. We stay up late, find it harder to wake-up and get going, often we just don’t want to get back into any routine. This sounds OK at first and is GREAT in short periods. But hello we live in the real world, and we all have work and stuff to get done. This is the time when non-supportive habits creep in and self-care routines get forgotten. This leads to more fatigue, brain fog, lack of motivation and is not what we need going into autumn!

Overwhelm – maybe the kids are starting back at school, maybe you are back at work after the summer holidays, maybe you have put on weight, maybe you are just not feeling good or your health issues are developing and for a lot of you I know outside influences such as stress at work or in relationships is getting you down. Whatever the reason right now you don’t know where to even begin to support yourself…..

Sound familiar? Maybe you have a combination of both! OR maybe you just HATE coping through another grey winter?

It is NORMAL to feel this way. It happens to us all at some time especially key times of the year such as September. Once you admit and know you have got yourself off track you can do something about it. Yes it is even possible to get through a winter…in better shape physically and emotionally!

Life does not get better by chance; it gets better by change!

What to do in September

Understand that September is about preserving the summer health you built up (or should have) and a time of preparing your body for the colder months.

Good news is that September gives you a good 4 weeks to build some EXTRA reserves up to get us through until Spring!

  1. Stop the bad habits……….reduce the sugar, alcohol, stimulants, and poor food choices.
  2. Better Sleep – we need 7-9 hours most days! Learn supportive sleep habits
  3. Get some sunshine and fresh air, walk with friends, sit outside, be in nature
  4. Improve your digestion, assess, support and improve
  5. This is the time to support your kidneys and adrenals
  6. Start building your immunity up…look after your lymphatic system
  7. End of September is the PERFECT time to love your liver
  8. MOVE more…, walk, run, cycle, join a class, get out of breath! Improve circulation
  9. Strengthen your personal weak areas – (iridology report or current reflex touch assessment)
  10. “Build a little, cleanse a little” mini supportive cleanses are great at this time
  11. Breath and stretch work follow online or find an inspiring yoga teacher; daily practice
  12. Healing Home; ensure your home supports your health and wellbeing
  13. Emotional balance; emotions are simply your guidance system NOT who you are……..what can you learn from them?
  14. Learn to laugh more….be happy, joyful….
  15. Develop peace and contentment in your daily life

All of the above is possible and doable.  Even addressing just a couple of the above points will prepare you so that you start to THRIVE this September.

You just need to develop simple routines and have some accountability so you remain consistent.

How to Start?

Do an assessment of your current lifestyle and health levels then focus on what your own body needs most from the list above. You can look back at your past notes from your assessment with me.

Need further help?

I have hundreds of tips, ideas and inspiration on all of the suggestions and love to help you adapt them to suit you and your lifestyle.

September and October are good times to have an assessment with me as your body will be changing as it prepare for autumn and now you can learn how to give it a helping hand

Learn as much as you can about your body and as always I will share with you the steps you need to take to look after YOUR body and well-being.

Available at Red Barn Retreat Thursdays and Saturdays also Monday 19th September


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