Due to new legislation I am not allowed to ‘sell’ my services to you or claim to have healed or cured any medical condition. However I am allowed to share what others say about my work. So with heart-felt thanks here is just a selection of comments:

Thank you so much for my report, I will enjoy studying it in detail tomorrow.

I found our session very inspirational, thank you. I was feeling lost and I have already

been able to identify habits that are hindering me to cope in my everyday life. AP Red Barn Retreat


As a type 2 diabetic I sought Jo out for advice on my lifestyle with diabetes mainly with a view to reducing my sugar intake in an attempt to lower my blood sugar and cholesterol levels in a more natural way.

 I have to say I have always been a touch sceptical about “new” ideas / methods and alternative therapies but as my diabetes progresses I decided it was time to seek alternative help rather than just accept an increase of medications from my GP. So I made the decision to give Jo’s skills and methods a try.

 I have now been seeing Jo since January (just over 3 months) and I feel so much better in myself. She has helped me to recognise sugar cravings for what they are and to deal with them to the point that I now do not reach for the biscuit barrel or chocolate bar very often……..although there are days when I still cannot resist ! I have significantly reduced my intake of “sweet things” not an easy thing to do if you have a sweet tooth like me. In following Jo’s programme and ideas I have found that my mood swings and energy levels have most certainly evened out a lot. I feel less tired and am more positive about my life.

 I continue to be amazed at the things that Jo tells me about my body during a Reflex Touchology session which is always so therapeutic and relaxing. I am not one to have my feet “meddled” with but Jo’s touch is just magic and when she asked me at my first session if I was aware that I had a neck / back problem I was stunned – especially as I had literally just made an appointment to see my local osteopath but had not mentioned any back troubles to Jo at all ! How can she know this just from my feet…..? And that was just the first eye-opener as Jo has told me so much more about “me” that I was previously unaware of.

 The iridology report Jo supplied me with when we first met was a real eye-opener too – Jo told me things about my body / metabolism / diabetes from simply looking into my eyes – things that she could not possibly have known from elsewhere.

 All in all I am so pleased that I made contact with Jo and decided to join her Sugar Cravings Reduction Course whilst also taking advantage of Jo’s Reflex Touchology skills.

 So, if you too are sceptical about alternative therapies then all I can say is please do give Jo a chance to help you – you will not have doubts for very long – she is an expert in her field and a real life changer if you listen and follow her advice.




A natural touch that means so much

In anticipation of my first Reflex Touch treatment I was filled with curiosity, excitement and if I’m honest, some in trepidation of what may be identified. Although I had no known serious ailments, it’s fair to say that I had several on-going niggles and an inherent desire to naturally improve my health and overall wellbeing. As someone with an interest in alternative remedies, I have had several reflexology treatments in the past and so was very interested to see how Reflex Touch compared.

Within seconds of the treatment beginning the differences were clear. Reflex Touch is all about the touch, and it is just that – the gentlest of touch, as opposed to a massage. The spiritual element is the other significant difference, especially the energy transferred from therapist to client. Perhaps not all feel it straight away, but I certainly felt it as an incredibly calming, relaxing and warm sensation.

On the surface this was a soothing treatment, not to mention pampering of the feet, with warming strokes and then the gentle touch, but in reality this went so much deeper. Jo picked up on stresses and emotions within my body that only I would know about and identified unbalances within my body that made perfect sense.

Afterwards I felt a completely relaxed and a warm tingling feeling on my feet. Shortly after this I felt a chill across my whole body, followed by an overall soothing sensation. Over an hour later my feet still felt so relaxed and tingly, not to mention soft! I could almost hear them thanking me for the treat and I am certainly thankful for this enlightening experience that I am already looking forward to experiencing again.

BM Tackley Oxon


I have been seeing Jo for a number of years now, she has helped me so much while caring for my disabled Mother she gave my great strength, also after Mothers death her help was a great comfort, Jo only has to touch my feet and I feel calm, most of us need help at some point and Reflex Touch is a really nice way to get that help and some me time, A lot of us put ourselves at the bottom of the list when it comes to getting help, but Reflex Touch puts you right back up there.

Eileen Crosby Oxon


Jo has been a fantastic support to me over the years and has given me many pointers and tips for leading a balanced life-style helping me through difficult emotional times. Her non-judgmental and spiritual approach to healing the body and mind had a big impact on my health and well-being through her subtle techniques, spiritual guidance, and use of natural medicines and food products (herbs, flower essences, diet). Conventional, impersonal medical treatment and prescription of strong pharmaceutical drugs was not an option I was willing to take, and would not have been the right course of action for me. I was introduced to Jo at exactly the right time and remained open to her ideas, suggestions and knowledge of alternative treatments for improving my health. As a result I felt uplifted, empowered, and reconnected to humanity and the healing power of the earth we call home. Naomi Northants




Thank you very much for yesterday it was really good. I felt so much better when I woke up this morning, very bright, I couldn’t believe it and I was out gardening at 9.30 for just over an hour. I feel like drinking all the essence you gave me all at once, but I won’t!
Barbara Aylesbury

Thank you for a very informative and helpful session today. You do a lot of good for your patients.
I spent quite a bit of the afternoon reading your book-got distracted and read lots of other bits. Thank you Jo-you make a big difference and above all you give hope.

Andy. Milton Keynes.

Contact Jo HERE

Thanks for the tips I have been enjoying them and some particularly hit home. (which won’t surprise you!) Just wanted to say thank you for your support, you make me feel more like a friend than client and I love coming to see you as I always feel so calm and relaxed.
Jo is really interesting, the treatment and advice allows supportive/safe environment that enables you to learn about yourself and self-support and improve your health in between treatment.
Sarah. Milton Keynes.

Whenever I come to you for a treatment your room is always very calming and relaxing – when you start the treatment I always feel as though the sun is shining – but when I actually look at your room it is I think north facing and I don’t think you get a lot of sun in there – so you yourself bring the sun and warmth to the room.

I do feel your chair is comfortable and you always make me feel warm and secure with your wrap and pillow supports under the feet.

I always welcome your suggestions and support for further treatments/healing but sometimes think that you don’t want to offer too much in case I am not open to your suggestions – I value your thoughts and feelings – you are very intuitive and feel that you should always believe in them and perhaps be more willing to stand by what you feel and think – if it doesn’t work then perhaps we would have to start again but you have always been right with me!! I value your treatments.

For me personally your make me realise that you do have to make time for yourself and that you it is important that you do – it is so easy to put ourselves last – you confirm to me what I really do know but coming from somebody else just makes it more real and almost as though you are saying – yes it is ok to feel this, to do this, etc.

How would I explain your treatments – that is interesting one to answer – I always say that you are a natural healer who is also a herbalist alongside the morrell reflexology – it does depend on who I am talking to and how aware they are of alternative medicine and how open they are to this sort of treatment. You are definitely highly recommended from me and your website is very informative, helpful and welcoming.
Denise Northants.

Want to know more about my INTRODUCTORY Natural Health Assessment?

I have already recommended you to several people, who I believe have been to see you and they are very impressed. One friend has commented that her high blood pressure has returned to normal since seeing you and doesn’t need drugs. I have told people that your diagnosis looking into our eyes is very accurate, if not unnerving as you describe my parents 100%. I also feel very supported by you and that you do discuss things and give options, plus not everyone is perfect and it’s ok to the have naughty days! You are very honest and your knowledge of other therapies is extensive – which provides a great soundboard for discussing issues.
You were very very kind when I called and seemed to be aware that I needed help, which I am extremely grateful as you were kind in trying to slot me into an appointment asap.

I wish I could come for more treatments.

SJ Bicester

I think you are one of the most generous hearted practitioners I have ever met. It is refreshing to meet someone, who isn’t in it just for the money. I thank for keeping your prices low so your treatments are affordable but feel at the same time that your prices do not reflect what a valuable service you provide. I think you could charge a bit more.

I like that you are so connected to spirit. That is why I chose you. I find it so comforting to talk freely when I’m with you. I am very guarded most of the time with other people.
Tracey Northants

Things improved a lot after my treatment last week including my sleep.
Thanks so much for all your help.
Claire Warwick

I really enjoyed yesterday. And my back is better. Thank you so much. Jem Oxford

Don’t know what magic you put in those herbs – But I can feel a good improvement already.

Thank you!!
Kaye Brackley.

Thank you for the sheets which I have printed off and will keep for ready reference in my folder.
I found my appointment extremely helpful and interesting, in fact amazing in some parts!

Penny Banbury.

I just wanted to let you know how things are going – I’m just amazed and wanted to tell you!

After our meeting last Monday, the next morning the results were incredible (and massive); I don’t think you need any more description! Within a day or two my skin was showing improvement, this is before I’d picked up the herbs on Friday! My skin is definitely looking better.
If this is the progress with one treatment and one week of herbs, I can’t wait to see how it continues – and we haven’t even started on the liver yet!!!! My skin has never responded as well as this to treatment (and I’ve tried enough now to know).

So I just had to say thank you for the progress so far – I’m really delighted!
Sarah Buckingham

Some years ago I had Morrell Touch Reflexology and reached a point in my life where I needed further treatment and searched for a Morrell trained consultant. I was very interested in Joanne’s practice and wanted to try Iridology and flower essence therapy as I have a great belief in all alternative therapies
Since visiting Joanne and having my first flower therapy I immediately became motivated into moving my life on following a debilitating illness that was holding me back. Since that first visit and using the flower essence Joanne provided me with, I felt motivated and as a consequence have almost completed a year’s full-time diploma course at University. In addition, on Joanne’s suggestion and information I have been able to give up wheat to help with my heart condition and also have lost 10lbs as a result.
Joanne has provided endless weekly support by e-mail in between visits to her practice and has just begun a new support programme to stop using sugar.
Joanne is a wonderfully supportive mentor and I feel very lucky to have found her. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Many thanks for a lovely evening at Preston Bissett. Your talk on loving our weeds was really interesting & is keen to try the dandelion leaf sap on hubby’s wart!!! Will let you know how it goes…….so long as he doesn’t mow the one last standing dandelion left! He promised he would leave it for me! Lyn Buckingham

Hi Jo! I was so inspired by your talk at Preston Bissett on Friday night! I am
determined to try your nettle infusion idea and already eat violet and dandelion
salads (along with loads of other wild plants that I am growing in my garden.) I
would love to join your club and receive the recipe eBook you mentioned, and
partake of anything else you have on offer! Cathy Buckingham

“My first Iridology meeting with Jo was very enlightening, I felt as though I had known Jo for a long time, she made me very comfortable and explained all about the session and what to expect.
I was amazed; during the assessment Jo identified many of my weaknesses, IBS, digestive problems, and eating disorder. My husband was with me on this occasion and we both came out amazed!
I have now seen Jo several times for her unique treatments and the information I have been given helps me a lot, as I can always refer back to it. My health is improving; my energy levels are much better than they were and my relationship with myself has improved. I am spiritually more aware. I look forward to my visits to see Jo, it is MY time. Thanks Jo for everything.” JJ Northants

Jo is really interesting, the treatment and advice allows supportive/safe environment that enables you to learn about yourself and self -support and improve your health in between treatment. R Oxon

“I was recommended to see Jo by another health practitioner and was immediately impressed and put at ease by her friendly but professional attitude. By using Iridology and Morrell Reflex Touch, Jo could tell where the problem was and what we could do about it. The Reflex Touch was amazing, just lightly touching my feet and she could feel which organs in my body were under stress, I felt so relaxed and at peace during and after the treatment. Using herbs and the reflex touch, my health issues cleared up completely. Now I see Jo for top-up treatments just to experience that wonderful healing relaxation again.” SW Milton Keynes.

“When meeting a therapist for the first time it can be a time of anxiety, but when the therapy is also unknown it can seem a daunting prospect.
However, Joanne will not only make you feel welcome but instantly put you at ease. She will explain in detail the treatments available to use and how the iridology reveals your individual constitution (This is fascinating!) Joanne will work at your pace, giving you the tools and a sense of empowerment to follow your chosen course of healing. This journey is yours alone but you don’t have to make it on your own, Joanne will be there to support you by giving you a helping hand whenever needed.” ME Northants
Workshop feedback
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed the session, you don’t need to change anything you have a delightful teaching style. Very inspirational. Can you please book me in for your next work shop?
Thanks for today’s workshop, I found it really interesting and inspiring.
I like to garden and cook so although a Saturday workshop isn’t something I would normally do, given how at ease you make me feel I felt compelled to come along when I received your email and learn a little more about all these herbs I have in the garden and see if they can help control my stress levels etc…
It was a really interesting combination of herbs you had chosen and I did learn quite a bit. I even feel compelled to put a scrapbook together! I am looking forward to running through all the notes later on today.
I will look forward to attending another workshop in the near future, a really enjoyable way to spend a Saturday.
Thank you for the herbal workshop this morning, found it really informative and it has spurred me on to learn and use more.

Just wanted to say I received the herbs yesterday and took them last night, I had the best night sleep I’ve had in weeks only woke a few times but went straight back to sleep.  I cannot thank you enough.

SE Northants


I’m so grateful Jo; your kind, open approach, not condemning my not so wise food choices, was healing in itself. Beckie Northants


Thank you so much for all of the information! It is all so fascinating and helpful… I will certainly be taking your advice and give myself at least month to see how I get on. I will be in touch to let you know how I’m getting on.

Thank you once again! LG Bucks


Thank you so much Jo, I can’t even begin to say how much this is already helping me as I’ve changed coke to sparkling water and it actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

Many thanks Heather London


Thank you Jo for the treatment and follow up advise. I have started putting it into place and am surprised how much easier it is than I could have guessed. KH Northants


Hi Jo

Thanks so much for the tincture-it’s amazing stuff !

T’s cough is just about gone and touch wood nobody else has got it! BJ Oxon


Hi Jo

Thanks for the 21 tips I have been enjoying them and this one particularly hit home. (which won’t suprise you!)  I have answered you questions below and just wanted to say thank you for your support, you make me feel more like a friend than client and I love coming to see you as I always feel so calm and relaxed. Sarah Oxon


Hi Jo, Thank you for this morning. It was really fascinating how spot on the eye analysis was! M oxon.


Hi Jo Thanks so much for all the info for me so interesting – it’s and you are amazing! SH Northants


Hi Jo.

Thanks so much for meeting and treating us today. We both really enjoyed your treatment and insightful assessment. Jim & Eileen London