Too tired to even think about being healthy….?

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Tired-all-the-time, fatigued, wiped-out, exhausted, no energy……to even think about health?

Sound Like you?

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I understand this feeling so well; back in my 20’s I felt so tired and drained everything felt like too much effort to even think about doing anything different or healthy. All I wanted was something quick and easy (quick-fix pill) that would take no effort …

Tiredness and fatigue are important messages from our body. In our too-busy lives we often drag and push or mask our tired body.

Yet more often than you might believe, once we listen to the body, understand it better and start to give it what it asks for energy is often one of the first signs of improving health

Did you know all of the following can cause you to feel tired and exhausted over time?

1.       Not sleeping……

2.       Food intolerances

3.       Nutritional deficiency

4.       Dehydrated

5.       Consuming too much sugar including many low-calorie sweeteners

6.       Consuming too much caffeine (coffee, chocolate, red bull)

7.       Constipation

8.       Thyroid imbalance

9.        Adrenal imbalance

10.   Iron deficiency

11.   B12 deficiency

12.   Worry and anxiety

13.   Liver imbalance

14.   Digestion imbalance

15.   Hormone imbalance

16.   Kidney urinary prostate imbalance

17.   Blood sugar imbalances

18.   Candida

19.   Busy mind, over thinking, mentally tired

20.   Soul sick

21.   Boredom

22.   Being unfit

23.   Not breathing correctly

24.   Over-eating

25.   And stress

Some are easy to identify, others are linked. These are the common causes of fatigue I see most often in clinic. Over the years I have found ways to re-balance them quickly and naturally……

The best part is that with my one hour natural health assessment I can quickly, painlessly and individually assess and help you pin point the root cause of your fatigue.

Knowing the ONE thing (at a time) your body most needs to feel better and have more energy is simple and not over-whelming.

This is what I suggest for my clients who are tired and over-whelmed; one step at a time at your own pace….

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