Herbal Support

herbsI have taken herbs almost daily for over 20 years and believe they have been a wonderful support. This is proved to me whenever I stop taking them………….

What I love about herbs is that they give me and my client’s DAILY SUPPORT.

Herbs work with your body so the more self-care practices you include to support your lifestyle the more effective the herbs will work. Also herbs as TONIC’s need time to build up and create health from the inside out…

I use herbs as natural as possible organic, fresh tincture from quality ethical producers. I do not use standardised extracts, preferring to use the plant as nature intended, and each client has an individual bespoke formula. The art is understanding your client so that you can match the most supportive herbs for them.

How can herbal medicine help you?

For women generally I use herbs most often for;bliss tonic 1

  • More energy and sparkle
  • Feeling happier – Happy herbs!
  • Libido and bringing the sexy feeling back
  • Creating inner calm peace and stability

I have written more about my Bliss Tonics and Rose

Herbal remedies can support specific areas of your health such as;

  • Better sleep and insomnia
  • Coughs, colds and flu……….many herbs are anti-viral and immune supporting
  • Supportive to the Liver an important organ in female hormones linked with supporting blood sugar balance, menstrual cycle and thyroid support

You can read more about herbs for coughs and colds HERE and HERE

All of the above I use as remedy formulas in tincture form (alcohol) easy and quick to take and work.

All my remedies are best when tailored to the individual; yes even down to what kind of cough you have! For this reason I only prescribe herbal remedies after a face to face consultation.

Herbs can react with certain medications or work in a different way on the body so ALWAYS have a consultation first

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herbsFUN Kitchen Pharmacy with Herbs

My original training in the Dr Christopher method included both cleansing and supporting specific organs with European and Native American herbs. I then went on and discovered deeper Wise Women herbal knowledge; using weeds and plants from the kitchen and garden and using them as seasonal food and drinks. For many years I had great fun planting, picking and making home-made kitchen pharmacy products for myself and my family and sharing with clients. You can read more about herb teas HERE and a much loved weed HERE

More herbal offerings;                      

With a whole world history of and current modern research into herbal medicine you can dedicate a whole lifetime to studying herbs and still feel like you are only starting!

Currently I am researching further into hormone support and herbs for women.

I am also studying herbs and astrology and herbs for the soul-path ……..fascinating study. The ancients called herbs ‘the elders’ and I believe that plants have evolved to be our ally’s not only as food and physical medicine but also to help us regain treasured emotions such as happiness and peace.

All of my work is aimed at providing the very best individual support for you.