About Joanne Oliver

I still love this work after 20 years and am as passionate as ever about the amazing system of natural health and vitality that I teach and share with anyone who works with me.

Health & Hormones

The body works together as a team and the hormone system is part of this team.


Your assessment is like having your own personal map that highlights specific areas of your body.

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About Joanne Oliver

I’m called Jo by all my friends and clients, and I hope that an appointment with me is professional but informal, relaxed and yet all about learning………learning more about the body you have and how you can support it so that it works the best it can.

As far back as I can remember I loved to research, to learn and was always curious and open to explore and find out more. For many years now I have studied and researched herbal medicine, how the body works, wonderful natural healers from around the world, the power of the mind and self-development.

I was always ‘sensitive’ which lead to philosophy and esoteric study and at a young age I had a personal spiritual wake-up call. I call this intuition, these days it’s a just part of who I am and like all our other senses I use it all the time but especially in my work.

Latest News & Articles

Kitchen Remedies (Herbs & Spices)

Once upon a time herbs and spices were added to everyday cooking as medicine and kitchen remedies. The best of these have stood the test of time and are probably already in your kitchen, growing in your flower bed or found at your local super-market. Flavour and taste are as much about health as they ...

Healing Foods

What is the best diet? Have you heard the news about this food? What is the latest research telling us to eat? What are Healing Foods? After 25 years I have seen many health diets come and go. At first I got quite frustrated and confused with conflicting experts and research. Science is always finding ...

The Bridge

The Bridge (Inspired by my clients) By Joanne Oliver – written a long time ago! Note; I wrote this in one hit and have never felt able to change a single word.... I am on the bridge. This is my bridge although I believe we all have our own personal bridge. Mine is up high, ...