It can feel frustrating, disappointing and make you feel like giving up when a natural remedy does not seem to be working for you. Before you give up, or write natural remedies off or better still before you select a remedy it is worth asking yourself two simple but important questions.

In this article I use the term natural remedy to include supplements, herbal medicine, dietary changes, detox routines, and natural healing techniques and aids.

There is so much free information about natural health available these days that many people I meet have got their natural self-care over 60% right. My role is often providing the final tweaks to help you understand how to get the exact results you need from your natural remedy.

There  are two questions I ask with every single client.

2 Questions to ask yourself when a natural remedy is not working for you;

1. Does your body actually need this remedy?
2. Do you fully understand what this remedy is asking your body to do?

Now although these questions may sound obvious, many people take remedies they do not need or understand.
So let’s start at the beginning.

What result are you expecting from the remedy?

I am amazed at the number of people who are not sure what result they are expecting when they use natural remedies. Recommendations are the biggest reason many people take a remedy, but using the same remedy as your friend or celebrity in the news, is not always the best method when it comes to specific choices for your own body.

Here are a couple of very common examples I see (and you might be doing!)

It is bewildering to select a remedy with so many choices and marketing out there. Here is one example of why it is worth a little research first.

Prevent or attack?

For instance an anti-viral remedy (cold & flu) will encourage your body to switch on an immune response in order to detect and remove any virus found in the body. If a viral germ is found this remedy will encourage an increase in symptoms such as sneezing and coughing as this is the natural defense to remove foreign germs.

If you did not know this, then this remedy would be classed as not working or making your symptoms worse! If there are viral germs in your body you DO want an increase in defense mechanisms such as coughing to remove the germs. What can happen and is actually very good, is this immune response will also ensure a thorough clean sweep of your body for lurking virus germs. This is how it improves future health.

On the other hand if you are taking a herbal tonic or general all-round supplement, these are designed to build your daily vitality and immunity levels slowly and consistently over time, eventually allowing you to more easily resist viral infections.

So a herbal tonic will strengthen your borders and prevent germs entering your body. Often with a tonic the daily results are very subtle, however long-term you notice less and less recurrent infections. However expecting the tonic to fight off a viral infection (existing germs already inside the body); may not give you the results you want.
So with immune remedies you need to ask if the remedy is to prevent any future germs or attack and remove any current ones already in the body.

This is just one of many examples of where knowing which remedy you actually need makes a big difference.

Are you supporting the remedy or stopping it from working?

If you do not understand how a remedy works, there is always the chance that instead of supporting the remedy you are actually hindering it from working for you.

An example I often see is with Pro-biotics. Perhaps you take your regular popular probiotic drink or supplement knowing that this puts good bacteria in your gut. Yet you still have symptoms such as bloating and IBS, or skin problems, recurrent infections or food and drink cravings?

Does this mean Pro-biotics don’t work for you?

Even if you take daily pro-biotics to populate your gut with good bacteria if at the same time you are feeding the bad bacteria with foods and drinks that encourages them to grow, guess what?

The balance between your good and bad bacteria will never really improve and so you will not receive the results you are after.

Again this is just one of many examples to highlight why we need to understand how a remedy works.

Now for the woo hay bit….

So hopefully the above makes logical practical sense?
Your mind and vibrational energy frequency are always involved in any natural remedy. When you take the time to understand your body, its reactions and your natural remedy, then your mind and frequency can naturally align. This is why I spend time teaching my clients, it makes a huge difference to so many aspects of natural health results.

So if you are not getting results you want from a natural remedy ask;

Does my body actually need this remedy i.e. is this remedy right for my personal health issues?
Do I understand how this remedy works so that I can support, rather than hinder, its influence?

In clinic with my clients I explain why they need to use a specific natural remedy, how to support the remedy and what results to expect and look for, as well as helping them understand their own body better.

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