Modern natural healing is both easier than ever and has far more distractions to tempt you off your plan! I really do understand the challenges you face.
Here is a quick round up of 3 of the best reasons to keep going with your natural healing plan. Some of them may surprise you….

Lasting results.

There are many ways to give your health-levels an instant or quick boost (i.e. pain killers). However, nothing beats your natural healing plan for lasting results and this is the ‘Gold-standard’ we are really seeking isn’t it? I know this personally as I went from poor health until I was 30, with a lot of up-and-down health levels which is so disheartening. Now currently I have experienced over 20 years of consistent lasting results. In fact, the longer and more consistent you are the better the results.

Tip; Along those 20 years I did learn to adapt my natural healing plan as my body let me know what it needed. I found there were phases of great improvement followed by a blip. Once I understood what my body was asking for and made the adjustments my health improved even more. So, if you hit a blip after seeing initial results it is often your body asking for a further tweak….keep going

Inspired Creative energy

Now there is a kind of energy surge that comes from caffeine and sugar and other stimulants that can be useful occasionally. However regular use of this wired-but-tired energy has a very high price on the physical body, emotions and mind-set over time. Inspired creative energy is very different and special.

Inspired creative energy makes you feel an ‘alive’ vitality, you become very aware of energy moving inside your body. This energy is the natural state of the body. This is the energy that allows you to wake up feeling energised and when its time, to easily relax into sleep and rest. Your mind can receive an abundance of information and ideas and solutions and yet you can instantly relax the mind and receive peace and calm. This is what health feels like, a vital physical energy where the body feels calm, yet poised to respond instantly with energy as soon as you need it. There are regular feelings of pleasure and peace and the mind naturally and easily expands to provide clear inspired answers and solutions.

Tip; This is probably the main reason I continue to follow my natural healing plan. While I do get distracted from time to time, always it is the loss of this vital energy that has me back on the plan the next day! This is what is on the other side of that initial effort…

Improved relationship with your body

In the past I have had very unkind thoughts about my body. It is hard to love a body that does not feel good and just as hard when you believe your body does not look good.

I think this is very common. I am sure you already know not loving your body is one of the worst things you can do to your health and well-being. But how do you change?

The wonderful gift of natural healing is that you become a team player with your body. Your body talks to you all day and all it wants to do is provide you with that inspired creative energy! Once you respect your body enough to listen and work together your relationship improves.
Your body can transform your experience of life. My body is not perfect, and it has its unique limitations and inherited challenges. Yet is never stops trying to provide me with a better experience of life. All I need to do is keep listening and adjusting.

So, these are the 3 best reasons why I continue to follow my natural healing plan, and they are worth all the changes and adjustments I have had to make.
I hope this has inspired you, to keep going with your natural health plan.

Whether you have had a recent health scare and are just getting back onto a natural health plan or are new to natural health, or struggling with being consistent long-term, it is being consistent with simple changes that create results.

It is normal to have a few challenges and distractions as you develop a more rewarding relationship with your body and health (I certainly did). So, don’t hesitate to email me to see if I can support you if you are struggling. Email

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