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Joanne Oliver

About Joanne Oliver

I still love this work after 20 years and am as passionate as ever about the amazing system of natural health and vitality that I teach and share with anyone who works with me.

Joanne Oliver

I’m called Jo by all my friends and clients, and I hope that an appointment with me is professional but informal, relaxed and yet all about learning………learning more about the body you have and how you can support it so that it works the best it can.

As far back as I can remember I loved to research, to learn and was always curious and open to explore and find out more. For many years now I have studied and researched herbal medicine, how the body works, wonderful natural healers from around the world, the power of the mind and self-development.

I was always ‘sensitive’ which lead to philosophy and esoteric study and at a young age I had a personal spiritual wake-up call. I call this intuition, these days it’s a just part of who I am and like all our other senses I use it all the time but especially in my work.

No matter if it is my experience, my research or my intuition that you seek I can promise that my goal is always the same; to empower, support and inspire you to discover greater health, happiness and peace in your body.

Why I believe I can help you

I know how it feels to have a body that just won’t work properly. The frustration; the constant hope that tomorrow you will feel better; hating my body; wondering what I was doing wrong, and the sheer dismal experience of living with a body that is not happy. I suffered poor health from childhood; allergies, endometriosis, Fibroids, IBS, arthritis, constant sinus and UTI infections and nutritional deficiencies and a fairly grey outlook on life.

My personal journey to health included over 4 years training to become a Herbalist and then over 15 years continuing to research, study and most important of all – put into practice. So what I offer is years of experience both personal and in clinic with hundreds of clients. My clients have been my best teachers; it is in the adapting of ‘text-book’ knowledge into real people’s lives that is actually where the real magic and depth of my work is most rewarding.

Currently I have maintained better health at over 50 than at 20, and have helped hundreds of other people to learn how to do this too.

Close up Bare Hand of a Man Covering Small Flowers at the Garden with Sunlight Between Fingers.

I discovered 2 insights that made health, happiness and how to create more of both fall into place;

Your body is unique in many subtle but important ways and armed with this knowledge you hold a key to unlocking faster results.

Your body knows exactly what it needs in every moment to function better.

For many years I worked with a wide range of people and health conditions constantly researching and delving deeper into these 2 insights and then finding practical ways that worked naturally.

What I wish for you

My wish is to provide you with useful and practical information about your own unique body; to understand that what makes you unique is not only special but holds the key to creating and maintaining health and happiness.

It is always a fascinating honour to be part of this work and a joy to share it with each new client. Most of my therapies are little known and combine maps of the body with the unseen subtle energies and I do feel privileged to have been in the right place to learn them and share with others.

I love the idea of kitchen medicine and healing from home and the more I study the more amazing I believe simple plant medicine is. I have never been a chef or gardener and so I am proof that you can live (and thrive) this way with limited cookery skills and a few pots of herbs and a wild weed or two!

When not in clinic, I can be found walking in the beautiful countryside with my dog Sox, or sat at my computer researching natural medicine and exploring my Astrology work. I am also a modern single mum, who juggles a busy (private) life with all the normal ups and downs including practicing my own daily self-care practices.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Thank you these are so detailed thorough and an absolutely accurate diagnosis for me in every aspect. Huge perception.


This is brilliant, thank you. Just the help I needed. The other recommendations are excellent too, thank you.
Thank you again for all the positive, and practical feedback. It is very much appreciated.

DR Bucks

Thank you so much Jo, I can't even begin to say how much this is already helping me as I've (made the changes) and it actually wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

HP Northants


The official credentials are listed below.

  • Self-heal Diploma in Herbal medicine (2001) and Natural Healing and member of the association of master herbalists – this means that I have studied natural ways to support the body including European and American herbal remedies which are bespoke and tailored to your body and needs. I have been in constant study since 2001 with top herbalists from all around the world. Read More
  • Iridology Diploma (Independent school of Iridology 2001) – eye readings – showing individual inherited signs. Read More.
  • Morell Reflex Touch Diploma – a subtle energy form of reflexology which I now teach at www.reflextouchtherapy.co.uk this is the heart of my work.

Since 2001 I have studied deeper in all of the above areas especially natural healing around endocrine disorders (hormones).

I have also attended various short healing courses such as Reiki, EFT, Flower essence therapy, spiritual healing, crystals and nutrition and many spiritual/meditation classes over the past 25 years.