Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) benefits could fill a book (and has done already!). I first came across ACV from the old-time healers such as Dr Christopher whose work I studied as a student herbalist.

Mother makes all the difference

The fermented ACV with mother is the one that has the benefits…yes it can sometimes look a bit cloudy and if left can seem to grow weeds ‘the mother’.

But it tastes sweeter.

Do use a glass straw or dilute well to protect the teeth!

All about the stomach

In my work ACV is all about improving many areas relating to the stomach function and many health conditions such as arthritis and blood sugar imbalances are often linked to poor digestion.

As a fermented food (with mother) ACV adds some of that digestive ‘magic’ that I have grown very fond of as it personally gives me a lift.
For this reason it may be helpful for those suffering with candida, constipation and sugar cravings; also supporting symptoms caused by these imbalances including weight-gain.

ACV provides the important sour taste which is the balance to salt (!) and as not many of us include sour foods I think it has a place in the kitchen.

I know there are many other ACV health claims but do not want to mention anything I have not experienced myself and seen in clinic.

If you have ‘Responsive’ ‘Golden’ or ‘Crystal’ constitutions or have sugar/liver signs in your Iridology Assessment it is worth trying ACV for a few months.

If you decide it is not for you there are many beauty and home uses for ACV!

How I use Apple Cider Vinegar at home

I make salad dressings and dips with ACV.

Personally I enjoy a tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water with a slice of lemon which I enjoy day or evening.

However if you are new to ACV then try…

ACV Cider

Table spoon of AVC
1/3 glass of Apple juice not from concentrate
2/3 sparkling water
You can try to reduce the apple juice and start with a smaller amount of ACV.
I do not use honey as found it disrupts blood sugar levels and candida.

If you are on diabetic or other serious medicines, then do check with your health professional before starting regular use of ACV.

Personally I go in phases and seem to prefer ACV in the summer as it is refreshing.

There are literally hundreds of uses of ACV claimed so why not try it for yourself?

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