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Your assessment is like having your own personal map that highlights specific areas of your body.

These areas, when cared and supported, make it easier for your overall health levels to stay balanced and strong, no matter your age, or current health condition. This assessment is where I can show you exactly how to improve your health levels.

The aim of your assessment is to help you understand your own body and learn how to look after it naturally.

All my work is based around the individual. Through Iridology (eyes) and Reflex Touch (feet) I can assess current and inherited constitution and current health levels. I support the whole person; physical, emotional and spiritually with a range of natural support (including bespoke herbal remedies) always guided by the individual needs. My work is a unique blend of research of latest and ancient natural health techniques combined with my own intuitive abilities.

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The Natural Health Assessment Includes;

  • Inherited constitution – Iridology (eyes) is fascinating, fast and painless.
  • Your story I will ask lots of details.
  • OPTIONAL; bespoke herbal remedies, follow-up Reflex Touch Therapy, Flower Essence Therapy, healing foods, on-going support, spiritual & intuitive guidance.
  • Current health levels – Deeply relaxing and accurate Reflex touch Therapy (Feet).
  • Summary and discussion of your crucial next steps.
  • INCLUDES – email and PDF reports for you to keep and refer to. Including your essential personalised summary and links, recipes and handouts to step-by-step guidance.

Assessments include 1 hour in clinic followed by personally designed reports £45.00


I cover a great deal of information. Afterwards I spend at least 30 minutes writing up your notes along with providing you with all the information, recipes and a range of special after-care and  support you need.

'All done for you' in a simple step-by-step format so you can refer back as often as you need 

Follow-up appointments are available, as 30-minute or full hour.

Bespoke herbal remedies are charged additionally (if required) only available after an assessment


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Thank you so much for yesterday and for all the information that you have provided. I came out feeling ‘lighter’ knowing that you totally understood my issues and very relieved. I will digest all of the notes and invest in your recommendations and then I’d love to come back for a follow up.

 Thanks so much, More Feedback

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