Children’s Natural Health Clinic

Would you like to support your child’s health naturally?

Our children are precious and as parents it’s good to feel we have given them a good start in life.
Their lives are often busy and they face modern challenges which makes it all the more important that we learn how to support their developing bodies and health naturally.

Natural health is built at home and designed to support our child’s health potential.
Sometimes it gets confusing to work out how to do this.

This is why I am offering a Children’s Natural Health Clinic for children 8 – 16 years old during school holidays.

Common areas you can support your child’s health naturally include;

Building strong immune systems to fend off or cope with the coughs and sneezes that can seem endless when we have children. Start in summer ready for the new school year!
Recurrent infections such as cough’s, cystitis, UTI infections, ear & throat infections
To support childhood conditions such as eczema and asthma
To help them to sleep soundly
To support any fatigue and tiredness
To cope with anxiety and stress
To improve constipation
…and peace of mind just to know they are on the right track!

Building Better Health for your child – made simple

This clinic is all about helping you build better health for your children, naturally, from home. So this is going to be ideal for preventing and coping with those common child-hood conditions.

If you are worried about your child’s health, in any way, it’s essential to see your GP first.
When we are worried or concerned about our child there is almost too much natural advice ‘out there’ and then it can seem confusing and overwhelming as a parent.

**Natural Healing can often work gently alongside GP medications – my advice is tailored to the individual circumstances.

I specialize in personal assessments that make natural health simple; you will learn which of the many alternative and natural remedies will work best for your child.

In the Children’s clinic I provide step-by-step advice that you can keep and refer to, personal to your child.
I will not try to sell you any products or specific brands. 

How the child clinic works

*You complete an initial form by email. This allows you to voice your goals and concerns openly (parents need support too) and for me to ask specific questions about your child.

*Assessment in clinic for 20-30 minutes. I gently assess your child including Iridology (eyes) and reflex touch therapy (feet). I make this fun and relaxing and many children really enjoy it. Parent remains with their child. This allows me to keep my focus on your child and I may ask them a few questions. We keep the assessment as a positive experience. I will discuss some aspects such as diet with your child and maybe ask a few questions. I will not discuss the details of my assessment in front of your child.

*After the assessment you will receive an email report explaining my findings. You will also receive a summary list of simple natural steps to help build your child’s health easily from home. I provide recipes and all sorts of extra information and resources for you to keep and refer to.

*You can email me with any further questions you may have and send me a follow up progress email to review.

* Bespoke herbal remedies can be provided if needed; charged additionally.

*Flower essence therapy with reflex touch for emotional issues is also available; included in price.

Cost £25.00

BONUS! I will send you a free PDF copy of my herbal & natural health winter cough and cold Recipes.

Child Clinic hours – School Holidays

Red Barn Retreat; Wednesday & Thursdays 10 am – 2 pm
Banbury Health Store; Mondays 10.30 am – 2.30 pm

To Book; Email or call 03330116272