Surprising gift of your eyes – Iridology – a map of who you are

Sad, beautiful, bright, pain, deceit, hurt, love, innocence, warmth, kindness, anger – the eyes sometimes share what words never can.

After almost 20 years of using Iridology in clinic and looking into thousands of eyes my love and fascination with the eyes is greater than ever!

Iridology is the science and art of reading the colours and patterns within the coloured part of the eye.

What do I see?

I see a map of who you are!
I always ask for no information before I read the eyes and after a few seconds look I know a great deal about the workings of your body and sometimes even your personality.
Around 90% of people tell me I am accurate and have just described them.

A personal Map

Our eyes (coloured iris) come with ready-to-use maps of who we are, and our inherited and current health levels.

The eyes show us the body we have inherited through our family line. Many times I have seen the relief as clients realise that the current battle they face is not because of some earlier wrong deed they did, but simply genetics.

It is important to realise that we are not carbon copies of our parents – each of us are unique, and our life different.

Potential not diagnosis

Actual diagnosis of disease is not seen in the eyes – after all disease is simply a descriptive label we use when the body reaches certain levels of imbalance. Once the body is re-balanced we say we no longer have the disease.
What we do see through the eyes is areas of inherited potential imbalance.

How amazing to know that your body comes with a map of the areas that need keeping an eye on so that you can strengthen and improve their function and your health levels.

How to work with Iridology

It seems logical that to prevent disease and remain healthy one of the first steps is to strengthen any potentially weak areas.
Common symptom can be seen as being at the end of a hair-line crack. Ignore this or worse to shut it down or cover it up does not support the root cause. Instead another crack appears and now you have several symptoms.

Over the past 20 years I have researched, explored and trialed many ways to naturally support and strengthen those areas I see in the eyes. What I found was that there are literally hundreds of ways ALL of us can improve our health naturally.

Knowing who you are and what you need as an individual allows you to simply do what YOU need to get results and often this is one of two specific changes that you make at home most days.

Your personal constitution is for Life! – only one assessment needed….

Female Essence Iridology

The Iridology reports you receive from me are based on conventional iridology but updated with my clients in mind. I called them Female Essence Iridology. They are aimed at modern women and their health.
I use my own descriptions and additional support; the result of many hundreds of appointments. It is my hope that these reports reflect the wonder and guidance of iridology.
Your reports are unique and last for life.

Bonus Iridology Gifts

To help you get the most from your iridology assessment I include two Bonus Gifts;

Herbal tea listfor your Iridology constitution. Herbs and Iridology are linked very closely. In this poster I share a list of the teas that are most supportive to your constitution. Read more about how to use herbal teas HERE

Special Support

Your constitution requires its own specific set of self-care. These are the routines and actions that will get your body results – fast!
To make it super-simple for you I have provided you with these self-care routines listed for each constitution – and I provide step by step instructions, recipes and tips.

It couldn’t be easier to look after your constitution and improve your health levels.


Read more about an Assessment HERE

Thank you Jo, as always your sessions are helpful and thought provoking
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