Overnight Oats Inspiration

Overnight oats sum up my approach to healthy eating; they are fun, delicious and easy to make. And there are endless variations….You can find a tasty recipe even if you are vegan, paleo or have intolerances. I have been enjoying over-night oats for almost 20 years. Back then I had a very bad intolerance to…

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Healthy Crispy Salty Snacks

There is something about snacks that have salt with crunch which I love.  Many are not always that healthy. So I decided to search out some inspiration for healthy crispy salty snacks. Either enjoy on their own as a snack, or add to daily salads and soups. Recently I tried salted broad beans which were…

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Gift Vouchers for someone Special

Do you know someone special who would benefit from a relaxing fascinating journey of natural healing? My special Gift vouchers can be used for a friend/loved one; Going through a stressful time and just needs to receive some TLC (30 minute £20) – Reflex Touch Experience HERE Struggling with a chronic health or hormone issue…

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The Bridge

The Bridge (Inspired by my clients) By Joanne Oliver – written a long time ago! Note; I wrote this in one hit and have never felt able to change a single word…. I am on the bridge. This is my bridge although I believe we all have our own personal bridge. Mine is up high,…

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Natural Winter Health MOT

Autumn is the perfect time to think about your winter health. None of us want to experience the coughs, colds and bugs of winter, and even worse the ongoing low-mood and fatigue that follow for many weeks. A natural approach has a lot to offer winter health. Many herbs are anti-viral which means they help…

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Your Annual Invitation

Hello welcome to your annual assessment invitation. I am offering everyone who has not seen me for 12 months a simple reminder. Why do I need to come back? Most people understand that an annual dental check-up is important and essential for the sake of their teeth and gums. Or that their yearly car service…

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Reflex Touch Therapy

Reflex Touch Therapy is a subtle-energy form of conventional reflexology working on and around the feet and using a similar map that relates points in the feet with organs in the body Clients describe it as a synergy between reflexology and Reiki; but feeling quite different to either. Certainly to receive benefits all you have…

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Flower Essence Therapy – for your Emotions

Flower essences are very helpful in those times when you are not actually depressed, but not feeling great either. Perhaps there is a current situation which gets you upset, makes you sad or triggers your insecurities. Maybe you have talked about it for ever going round-and-round in circles and are no further forward. Or sometimes…

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