Glow with Dry Skin Brushing

This very simple routine improves your skin, lymphatic system and circulation. Along with a healthy bowel and drinking enough water Dry Skin Brushing is one of the most important natural detoxification methods. For best results this needs to be done regularly at least every other day – but don’t worry as you and your body…

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The Dandelion Notes

Spring and autumn are Dandelion time. Like me you may have a few dandelions growing in your garden and I want to share how I use them for natural health. So put away the toxic weed spray and become friends with a wonderful healer. Natural Wisdom More is not always better. A few bites of…

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Candida Support

Candida is an imbalance of the bacteria in the gut. It is very common, and caused by the modern lifestyle of sugar, yeast, antibiotics, hormone pills and many other medications, processed foods and even some of our water. Most people have some imbalance, and it is often the root cause of many symptoms and diseases.…

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Relax with Magnesium

Magnesium deficiency is often the cause of many common symptoms I see in the clinic. Luckily it is a very simple self-care to put right. These are the very common symptoms that I found magnesium helpful – at the same time I would reduce anything in your lifestyle or diet that was making your symptoms…

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Winter Hooch

Make this up every autumn and through the winter until spring is here. You will need fresh garlic, onions, ginger and red hot chilli – organic if possible especially the onions and garlic. If you can find some, Horseradish can also be included. Chop it all up roughly – be careful with the chilli I…

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Time for Spices

This has felt a long cold winter! So I have been making time for spices in my daily self-care. In herbal medicine spices are great for the circulatory system, healing often relies on the blood moving well. Spices are also famous for enhancing our immune system, handy in the winter. Research has shown that spices…

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Overnight Oats Inspiration

Overnight oats sum up my approach to healthy eating; they are fun, delicious and easy to make. And there are endless variations….You can find a tasty recipe even if you are vegan, paleo or have intolerances. I have been enjoying over-night oats for almost 20 years. Back then I had a very bad intolerance to…

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Healthy Crispy Salty Snacks

There is something about snacks that have salt with crunch which I love.  Many are not always that healthy. So I decided to search out some inspiration for healthy crispy salty snacks. Either enjoy on their own as a snack, or add to daily salads and soups. Recently I tried salted broad beans which were…

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