Benefits of Chewing!

Benefits of Chewing!

There is a simple natural healing method to improve digestion, makes food taste ‘better’ and can help lose weight.


“Chew your food well, transforming it into a soft paste in your mouth before you swallow. This will help you digest well, so that you will feel no discomfort in your stomach or intestines afterwards, no pain or heartburn, no discomfort at all. Your body will digest and assimilate the food you ingest perfectly, using all the nutrients it contains to renew your supply of blood, muscles, energy – in short, to regenerate life”. Emile Coue de Chataignerate.

• Fletcherism – the act of chewing food at least 32 times. Horace Fletcher.
Weight Control; Chewing makes over-eating difficult.
Healthy Digestion: Smaller food particles are simply easier to digest and the act of chewing stimulates the secretion of all the digestive fluids.
• Maximum Nourishment: More nutrients will be extracted.
Mental Calmness: Chewing requires you to be present and focused – which relieves stress
Reduces Flatulence: Proper chewing means there will be no undigested food particles which would otherwise become food for bacteria and yeast in your colon.
• The more you chew foods the better they taste.
• The more you chew the more hydrochloric acid your stomach produces. Chewing also kicks your pancreas into action.

Your saliva glands – stimulated by chewing – contain enzymes and proteins that do the following;

• Your saliva contains enzymes that really helps break down starches and fats
• Saliva helps extract phosphates from your foods. Phosphates are used by every cell in your body and assists in the release of energy in your body.
• Helps protect your cells from oxidative stress – cancer protecting.
• Removes toxins from our food
Protects your entire digestive tract from overgrowth of harmful bacteria and yeast
• Your saliva contains over 500 million Friendly bacteria cells per ml

Chew the FIRST mouthful of every meal really well – 30 -40 chews! Encourage family and friends to join you– make it mindful – slow….down

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