Your emotions, health and energy levels are intimately connected. This is why when you support one area with natural health you experience improvements in the others as well.

For instance clients are surprised that changing their diet to support an internal organ improves their mood, or that soothing an emotional response reduces a symptom.

So helping you find emotional balance naturally is crucially important. Generally the emotional work comes after the initial assessment. It is almost impossible to care for our own health if we are not in the right place emotionally.

Note; my emotional support can benefit and work alongside conventional counselling and anti-depressants. But many clients are not depressed; they simply need help finding emotional balance and seek a natural approach.

Bliss Herbs are part of my emotional support

There are many medicinal herbs that can help you feel happier, calmer and more alive.
I tend to use herbs to give you a daily lift while you focus on the underlying causes. This is where Bliss herbs come into their own; they can support your emotions.
If you feel supported emotionally you can address the root cause easier; whether that is talking it over, coping with stress, mindset changes or hormone and lifestyle causes.

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Here is a brief look at how I use Bliss Herbs

Time to Chill out 

Tension and anxiety can put a strain on our physical health and drain energy reserves. There are herbs that can soothe the nervous system or endocrine (hormones) making it easier for your body and mind to calm and relax.

Let you sparkle 

Low energy and libido can make everything an effort and turn our world grey. Thank goodness for herbs to awaken our energy levels, balance those blood sugar levels, and put a sparkle in our eye and smile on our face!

Reach-the-finish-line Tonic 

Daily stress puts a strain on both emotions and physical health leaving us feeling burnt out and empty. Luckily there are a range of tonic herbs that are designed to nourish and protect our internal organs at the deepest levels. These are the herbs that allow us to dig for those inner reserves to reach that finish line.

Chakra Herbs 

Part of my assessment includes the slightly mystical sounding chakra system which is an ancient system that links emotions to health. There are lovely herbs that can be used to support these energy centers.

Bliss herbs are chosen for their ability to support both your physical body and your emotions.

Herbs are just one of several resources, that I use in my emotional support appointments.

Bliss Herbs Details

I am a qualified herbalist and member of the association of master herbalists.

Herbs come in a handy to use tincture as liquid in a bottle (contains alcohol)
Herbal remedies can only be prescribed to clients who have had an in-person assessment.
My bespoke herbal formulas are tailored to you and your body.
I need to be aware of any other medications or supplements you are currently taking and may decide Bliss Herbs are not the best support for you.
Herbs are an additional charge and can be posted to you.

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