How to make the most of your herbal teas

There has been an explosion of herbal tea varieties available in your local supermarket so today I thought I would share with you how to make the most of them to create more health and vitality at home. As an herbalist I really value herbal teas and I hope this article will inspire you to…

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The Dandelion Notes

Spring and autumn are Dandelion time. Like me you may have a few dandelions growing in your garden and I want to share how I use them for natural health. So put away the toxic weed spray and become friends with a wonderful healer. Natural Wisdom More is not always better. A few bites of…

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Why it’s never JUST stress

Modern life creates a lot of stress and very few of us escape completely. Most of us cope with low level stress for decades, and we learn to adjust and cope. About 6 months ago I began to experience higher levels of on-going stress when my teenage daughter started having seizures at night. So I…

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What is a Healthy Bowel?

What is a healthy Bowel? Your bowel (colon) function can give you quite a good indication of your overall health levels. Bowel habits tend to be private, and individual, but it helps to understand the personal link between your bowel and your health. In fact the old time healers believed purging and cleansing the bowel…

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Infused Water

Many of my clients struggle with drinking enough water. When we are dehydrated we often don’t feel thirsty my theory is that after being ignored for so long the body gives up trying to signal you need water ! Some clients know they need to drink more but find plain water unappealing to drink so…

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Carrot Cake Porridge

Carrot cake porridge is my ‘go to’ breakfast for chilly mornings! Here are my personal notes on this porridge (you can find more detailed recipes online). Please note I ‘throw’ this together and just adjust ingredients as I go….. Porridge oats (organic when possible) Raisins Grated carrots (organic if poss.) Freshly squeezed orange or tangerine…

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Benefits of Chewing!

There is a simple natural healing method to improve digestion, makes food taste ‘better’ and can help lose weight. “Chew your food well, transforming it into a soft paste in your mouth before you swallow. This will help you digest well, so that you will feel no discomfort in your stomach or intestines afterwards, no…

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Seeds to Balance Hormones

Seed rotation is quite popular right now and is worth trying for 3-6 months; remember to score and note your menstrual symptoms before you start and after each month. That way you can see for yourself any results. I like this system because seeds provide great nutrition for general health anyway even if you are…

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A Natural Approach to Nutrition at Home

Today I’m going to share some simple ways to improve general nutrition from home. Nutrition is a corner stone of health and is important. The supplement market has grown to bewildering levels. Deciding which supplement, brand, dose, ingredient, absorption rate, feedback and expert to follow has left some of my clients confused or anxious. So…

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Time for Spices

This has felt a long cold winter! So I have been making time for spices in my daily self-care. In herbal medicine spices are great for the circulatory system, healing often relies on the blood moving well. Spices are also famous for enhancing our immune system, handy in the winter. Research has shown that spices…

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Fertility Balance with Natural Assessments

Sometimes getting pregnant isn’t easy, and this can lead to huge amounts of stress and pressure. Natural health and herbs are not an instant miracle cure for fertility, instead they build better health levels, nourish and repair at a deep level, and this promotes better fertility in all sorts of situations. In clinic I have…

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New Year Health Assessments until 28.2.18 at £30.00

I bet whatever New Year goals and plans you set for 2018 they will be enjoyed much more if you feel great inside your body! Areas we can look at in your assessment; 1. General Immunity 2. Hormone Balance (includes fertility, pregnancy, menopause, PMT) 3. Energy Levels..Tired All The Time 4. Cravings 5. Emotions 6.…

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