Kitchen Remedies (Herbs & Spices)

Once upon a time herbs and spices were added to everyday cooking as medicine and kitchen remedies. The best of these have stood the test of time and are probably already in your kitchen, growing in your flower bed or found at your local super-market. Flavour and taste are as much about health as they…

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Healing Foods

What is the best diet? Have you heard the news about this food? What is the latest research telling us to eat? What are Healing Foods? After 25 years I have seen many health diets come and go. At first I got quite frustrated and confused with conflicting experts and research. Science is always finding…

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The Bridge

The Bridge (Inspired by my clients) By Joanne Oliver – written a long time ago! Note; I wrote this in one hit and have never felt able to change a single word…. I am on the bridge. This is my bridge although I believe we all have our own personal bridge. Mine is up high,…

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Natural Winter Health MOT

Autumn is the perfect time to think about your winter health. None of us want to experience the coughs, colds and bugs of winter, and even worse the ongoing low-mood and fatigue that follow for many weeks. A natural approach has a lot to offer winter health. Many herbs are anti-viral which means they help…

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Your Annual Invitation

Hello welcome to your annual assessment invitation. I am offering everyone who has not seen me for 12 months a simple reminder. Why do I need to come back? Most people understand that an annual dental check-up is important and essential for the sake of their teeth and gums. Or that their yearly car service…

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NETTLE the Super-Tonic Tea

Nettle Tea is one of those simple secrets of natural health that easily gets overlooked. I think it’s good to review Nettle once a year and remind ourselves of how good she is for us! She is after all a Superfood Tonic. The secret to her success is to make her part of your regular…

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Is Sugar a problem for me?

Most people are aware that too much sugar is not good for us from dental health, weight gain to more serious diseases such as IBS, arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions and cancer to anxiety and depression. So we switch to ‘healthy’, ‘diet’, low-calorie’ and ‘low-sugar’ meals but many people still wonder ‘Is sugar a problem for…

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Forest Bathing

There is something about walking amongst trees. Sometimes it feels like I have entered the special peace and energy of a towering natural cathedral or giant hall. There is something about the cooling green dappled light, that distinct mossy aroma of being in the woods. For me it is this combination of hushed peace and…

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Sugar Cravings

I’ve written this little guide to help my clients who struggle either with constant sugar cravings or Sugar yo-yo; where you give up sugar for a short while but then it sneaks back in! As a chocolate addict myself I am not here to judge anyone. What I do know, as an herbalist, is the…

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Relax with Magnesium

Magnesium deficiency is often the cause of many common symptoms I see in clinic. Luckily it is a very simple self-care to put right. If you are Self-Protective or Resilient constitution this one is perfect for you. If you have symptoms it is always best to see me one-to-one so I can assess you individually…

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Matcha Green Tea Recipes

I often suggest my clients try Matcha green tea. Matcha has all the benefits of green tea but is more potent and can often help when we need to replace the buzz of coffee with something more subtle. I tend to suggest Matcha to my Resilient and Self-protective Iridology constitution clients who may be in love…

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Sunflower Seed Sprout Secrets

Sunflower seeds have a lot to offer us when it comes to natural health and are tasty and easy to use in your everyday meals. Sunflower seeds are beneficial for just about everyone. When it comes to your Iridology health constitutions we find Sunflower seeds helpful for; Responsive (Immunity/Lymph) Creative (hormones), Resilient & Self-Protective (nervous…

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