Candida is an imbalance of the bacteria in the gut. It is very common, and caused by the modern lifestyle of sugar, yeast, antibiotics, hormone pills and many other medications, processed foods and even some of our water.

Most people have some imbalance, and it is often the root cause of many symptoms and diseases.
Some people have very little or no symptoms that they are aware of, I guess we all have an individual critical level at which symptoms manifest.

My Simple 4 step approach to balancing Candida

There are many candida diets and remedies. My goal for Candida support it to help you balance your candida levels easily while still living the normal busy, crazy modern life which most of us do.
Candida Support is designed to help you balance your gut-health in your busy everyday life.

Have a look at the common symptoms and see how many you have.

Bloating tummy, IBS, dry itchy skin patches and conditions, thrush, Cystitis, allergies, eczema, asthma, hormonal imbalances, sinus infections, tonsillitis, chest infections and even diabetes, stomach ulcers and cancer to name a few!

If you don’t have any symptoms it may be that you have not reached the level at which your body reacts – we are all different constitutions.

What Causes Candida

It is helpful to identify your most likely personal cause; most people have several. Some you can change from this day onwards and some we just have to work around.

Each case is individual but common causes include medications especially Antibiotics and including the Pill and HRT, caesarean birth, processed foods and all foods containing live yeasts such as wine, marmite, bread and many processed foods, also foods containing refined sugar (white) and many sweeteners. In fact many people crave yeast and sugar foods when they have candida. I have also noticed that synthetic, fragranced shower, bath, and body products seem to cause problems for many people. Lovemaking can also pass bacteria from one person to another

Basic 101 on candida

Your gut is full of different bacteria which do a whole range of essential jobs. When we are healthy they are in balance. Candida is the common name of a group of bacteria that grows very fast when it is fed sugar and yeast. It is very hungry and many of our cravings for these foods are from the bacteria not our body!
If candida spreads it causes a condition called leaky gut, which means that undigested food leaks into the blood steam causing inflammation such as allergies, auto-immune conditions and in fact most of the big diseases.


I have a very simple 4 step plan for Candida support

1. Take a probiotic
2. Reduce sugar/yeast in the diet
3. Feed with prebiotics
4. Extra optional Tips

1. Take a Probiotic

A probiotic simply contains ‘good’ live bacteria that will populate your gut, making it hard for candida to spread and invade. Probiotics are being developed all the time to increase the number of different ‘types’ of good bacteria (the more types the better function), and keep them alive during the ‘hot’ digestive process which easily kills them off.
Generally speaking you do not take them with hot food or drinks and many once opened you store in the fridge. However please read the individual instructions from the producers.

Tip; I take mine last thing at night with water for 2 reasons. 1. I know I won’t be eating anything else giving them more chance of surviving the digestive process. 2. If you take a probiotic and also have refined sugar and/or yeast it can cause a little gas and wind; taking it last thing at night solves any ‘disturbances’.

Taking a probiotic will reduce sugar/food/alcohol cravings in most people day-by-day – helping with weight-loss. Taking a probiotic will improve IBS and constipation. Lastly it will reduce all the symptoms we looked at earlier.

Alcohol and Antibiotics
In theory once you have balanced your gut flora that should be enough! However if you have alcohol or Anti-biotics or hormone pills then you may have to take probiotics long-term. Also if your partner has candida they can pass it on through love-making.

2. Pre-biotics – gut friendly foods

Bacteria, divide freely. Feed them and in just a few days later you could have millions! As we know there are different (at least 400) varieties of bacteria that we need to keep fed and healthy.
So it makes sense to feed the good bacteria as much as possible, ensuring they conquer the candida and colonise your gut; giving you an incredible healthy head-start.

Below are foods that feed a whole range of healthy bacteria called prebiotics;
• Whole oats, wild rice and other whole grains (clean of fungus and can be sprouted)
• Fresh vegetables especially ‘green’ vegetables (superfoods, seaweeds, powdered grasses, herbs, all salad greens, wild greens)
• Pumpkin, sunflowers and other seeds
• Garlic, onions, chives
• Olive oil and aloe Vera
• Fruits with seeds

Many herbs also help with fungal conditions caused by bacteria imbalances including;
Garlic, turmeric, Echinacea, slipper elm bark, chamomile, rose petals, cinnamon, P’au D’arco, marigold petals, oregano, parsley.

More tips
Take Vitamin C every day.
Get your dental hygiene checked and up to date.
Start using natural wash and body products as you replace items*
Explore fermented foods such as Kombucha, Sauerkraut, Kefir and Apple Cider with Mother *


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