Carrot Cake Porridge

Carrot Cake Porridge

Carrot cake porridge is my ‘go to’ breakfast for chilly mornings!

Here are my personal notes on this porridge (you can find more detailed recipes online).

Please note I ‘throw’ this together and just adjust ingredients as I go…..

Porridge oats (organic when possible)


Grated carrots (organic if poss.)

Freshly squeezed orange or tangerine juice (or no added sugar juice)

Peanut butter (organic best quality I can find) or another nut-butter of choice

Cinnamon powder

Hot water…pinch of Himalayan salt if not in nut-butter

I put all ingredients into a pan and stir and taste as I go!

Cooked oats are sometimes hard to digest, so I ‘low-heat’ this porridge just so it absorbs the liquid and is warm.

This breakfast contains protein/fat and natural sugars plus a vegetable and a healing spice!

Feel free to adjust it to suit your own taste and health needs!

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