Natural Winter Health MOT

Autumn is the perfect time to think about your winter health. None of us want to experience the coughs, colds and bugs of winter, and even worse the ongoing low-mood and fatigue that follow for many weeks. A natural approach has a lot to offer winter health. Many herbs are anti-viral which means they help…

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Your Annual Invitation

Hello welcome to your annual assessment invitation. I am offering everyone who has not seen me for 12 months a simple reminder. Why do I need to come back? Most people understand that an annual dental check-up is important and essential for the sake of their teeth and gums. Or that their yearly car service…

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Reflex Touch Therapy

Reflex Touch Therapy is a subtle-energy form of conventional reflexology working on and around the feet and using a similar map that relates points in the feet with organs in the body Clients describe it as a synergy between reflexology and Reiki; but feeling quite different to either. Certainly to receive benefits all you have…

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Benefits of Chewing!

There is a simple natural healing method to improve digestion, makes food taste ‘better’ and can help lose weight.   “Chew your food well, transforming it into a soft paste in your mouth before you swallow. This will help you digest well, so that you will feel no discomfort in your stomach or intestines afterwards,…

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