Creative Tea Challenge!

Creative Tea Challenge!

As an herbalist I know that herbal teas have been part of our medicine and nutrition for a very long time and are still effective today.
Some herb teas tastes are so delicious that I have used them to enhance my weekly treats for many years, and others I wanted to receive their benefits even if I didn’t really like the taste!
I created this page to celebrate and share creative ways to use herb teas, as a fun resource.

I hope to post regular ideas on my Facebook page where everyone can share and comment and I can put the best ideas on this page to share with everyone.
You can read more information about herbal teas HERE

Rose & Pistachio Iced Bites

I love the Pukka Womankind tea which includes Rose and vanilla. So I made these Rose & Pistachio Iced bites.

I added dates and frozen cherries to a mug of Womankind tea and allowed to cool. After removing the tea-bag I blended this together with Pistachios nuts and added 1/2 a banana to create the ‘cream’ texture.

I also added a squirt of lime juice and a little coconut milk just because it needed more liquid. (Optional)

Then I poured mixture into my heart-shape moulds.

I then decided to get creative and added dried rose petals and crushed pistachio nuts before putting into the freezer.

Have to say they look lovely and taste a bit like mild Turkish delight

Iced Vanilla Chai Fudge

This is a useful recipe for those avoiding refined sugar and dairy but who still want to enjoy an ice-cream treat. I used Pukka Vanilla Chai teabags.

As with all my recipes I just throw them together and accept that they contain healthy calories!
Soak handful of dates in Vanilla Chai tea for a few hours until cold. I left the tea bag to steep for over 30 minutes. After removing the bad I added a ripe banana and a few tablespoons of tahini. Optional I added a spoon of Maca powder and few drops of vanilla essence. Then I just blended ingredients together and poured into heart-shaped moulds and popped in the freezer over-night. Next day I pop them out of the mould and store them in the freezer. Then if I fancy a frozen treat, I just take 1 out at a time!



Twinnings Cherry and Cinnamon tea

Cherry is great for Crystal, Peacemaker & Responsive Iridology constitutions supporting coughs, sleep issues, and gout.
Cinnamon is great for ALL Iridology types! It can help with blood sugar balance, immunity, and circulation.

This tea reminds me of Cherry Bakewell tart and I found it is great used as a nourishing Infusion i.e. left to steep for hours.
My Creative Recipe;
I soak dried dates in the tea while it steeped for a few hours (over-night). I blended this together with ground almonds to make my own sugar-free high protein healthy fat Bakewell tart balls.
I am sure this could be greatly improved…..over to you!

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