December Natural Health Tips…

December Natural Health Tips…

December takes us to the darkest day of the year and often the start of the wintry weather. Although here in the UK I think we welcome sharp but bright frosty weather as it is the grey wet and cold winter days that drags us down. Both emotions and immunity can get low in December.

As I write this I am enjoying the Pukka Organic Lattecacao maca magic. I make mine with warmed coconut or almond milk and don’t like to sweeten it. This drink seems to sum up what we crave in winter, warming energy releasing tonic and I think it might be added to my regular winter collection.

Along with home-made Hooch which I take a daily spoon of this fiery vinegar each day or make a dressing for vegetables. This is a great remedy to fight off winter bugs and the times I don’t get around to making it I seem to fall prey to them much easier. There is still time to make yours HERE.

Another favourite that I make in autumn but enjoy at this time of year is fresh elderberries soaked in brandy with cinnamon which I leave to ‘brew’ until December and then enjoy as an evening shot…that I sip slowly! I also tend to add elderberry tincture to my monthly formula all winter long and add to many of my client’s mixtures. Elderberry has the ability to make any hiding virus (yes they are clever enough to do this) easily visible to our immune system so that they can be dealt with.

If you do suffer with a streaming snotty cold then avoid dairy until it has dried up and try some sage leaf tea or tincture which I found great for these kinds of symptoms perhaps with the herb hyssop. There are all sorts of different herbs that you can use for the many different symptoms of the common cold for instance dry cough, moist cough, barking cough, tickly cough, and worst at night cough and on and on. This year I made a cough and cold formula for my daughter and when I started to go down with a cold lurgy a week later I took it too. But we had different symptoms so in the end I had to make myself a personal formula. I love sharing these insights. It is tempting to think of herbal medicine as black and white but it really is more of a creative art based around the individual person.

Low moods in winter might be to do with SAD – due to lack of sunlight. I am really very grateful for my cheeky dog who gets me outside in the daylight even if it’s cold, wet and miserable every single day (often twice a day). In winter it is really easy to be walking outside at sun-rise and sun-set. There is said to be something special about the quality of this light that our body absorbs helping us sleep and much more.
Either way getting outside and moving can help those of us with stagnant energy that makes us low and try to remember your dry skin brushing at this time of year which will also help and provide many other benefits.

Lack of water and not drinking enough is actually common in winter and is another cause of low mood. I have infused water on the go at the moment; water with 3 frozen blackberries, good slice of ripe lime and a drop of vanilla essence. Give it a try and more ideas here.

From now until March I tend to add St John’s Wort (St Joan) to my monthly formula. This herb cannot be combined with medications like the contraception pill but it is amazing sunshine in a bottle. I find it takes a week or two to build up for me but I love it during the dark of winter.

My new garden has some Marigolds flowering even in December. The reason these are called Pot-Marigold is because the ancient healers added the flowers to casseroles to boost their immunity all year round. It is another lovely cheerful flower with many health uses. It’s the green part behind the petals that have the immunity boosting magic so save the petals as a cheerful garnish?

For Best Results this December…

All year round you should support your main constitution with lifestyle, dietary and supplements explained in your assessment, as this is what builds your individual health levels consistently. Then when you add some or all of these seasonal remedies you will get far greater results. If you want to take your health to the next level or get even faster results book an assessment or follow-up so I can help you fine tune your natural health and personally advise what is best for you.

Want to try these remedies from home?
Always know your own body and any medications you are on before adding herbs and supplements. Little and often builds health. You can find many of these products online or if you in, at Natural Health Store.  Where I also have my Monday clinic in Banbury. I can prescribe bespoke herbal remedies if I have seen you for an assessment in the last few years

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