Digestive Fire

Digestive Fire

The ancients thought of the stomach and digestion as the fire that powered the body.

This is still true today. Without good digestion the food we consume cannot be used by the body. So it makes sense before we turn to expensive foods and supplements to ensure our own digestive fire is stoked up and working. It also makes sense that without this digestive fire oral medicine, natural or chemical, will not be as effective.

Digestion is now considered our 2nd brain and linked to our emotions. The digestion is also a very important part of your immunity
Digestion is the complex system our body uses to turn food into energy.

General hints to improve digestion

The 80/20 Principle

  • Eat until your stomach is 80% full, leaving 20% available for digesting.
  • 80% of the food on your plate should be land and /or ocean vegetables. The remaining 20% can be protein or grains and starchy vegetables.
  • 20%/80% Acid/Alkaline Rule following point 2 will do this naturally for you!
  • Follow an 80/20 approach to all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Our 20% treats and slips are often what allow us to stick to the 80% healthy!

Food combining (in brief)

Eat fruits alone and on an empty stomach.
Always eat protein with non-starchy vegetables.
Eat grains and starchy vegetables with non-starchy vegetables.

Food intolerances

These are best discussed one-to-one in your Assessment

You can also read about the Intolerance test Here

General digestion Tips;

Don’t drink water with a meal: Water dilutes your stomach acid. Ice water is the worst because it causes fats and oils in the food to cling together, which impedes their absorption. Drink no closer than ten minutes before a meal, and wait 1 hour after eating.

Don’t eat when stressed; This can also include watching TV. and having an argument. All these stressors to the senses cause the body to shut down digestion in response to outside distraction – part of the flight or fight response.

Eat slowly and at regular times It is very common to ‘eat on the go’ or snack all day in our busy lives. However research has shown digestion is much better when we eat slowly and at regular times.
Finding a quiet ten minutes to focus and eat quietly may seem impossible at times – yet the benefits are worth the effort.

Chew your food...this can transform digestion it can be combined with mindfulness or just a simple mantra or affirmation. Read about chewing HERE

Stomach flora balance – here we are talking probiotics, prebiotics and naturally fermented foods. You can read more about candida and probiotics HERE and apple cider vinegar with Mother HERE

Give your Digestion a BREAK!

Giving your digestion a break can improve the stomach, energy levels, immunity and many other benefits.

Start slowly;

Green Smoothie
Replace one meal a day with a green smoothie to give your digestion an easier time. You can also plan whole day of Green smoothie feasting where you only consume green smoothies. This will reduce the strain on the digestion but allow you to be powered with nutrition to go about your day. The Green smoothie can help both the stomach and bowel.
Read about the Green Smoothie HERE

Don’t snack
Snacking is about supporting blood sugar levels but not so supportive to digestion. Rather than graze through the day split your meals into 4-5 balanced meals with at least 3-4 hours break and work on balancing your blood sugar levels.

If you can give yourself at least 12 hours break before your breakfast your whole body will thank you.
If you are a woman through menopause you might like to look at intermittent fasting.

Herbal Bitters

Herbs have been used to support all aspects of the digestion for hundreds of years and all across the world because they work!

Please do not hesitate to ask me for an individual herbal formula tailored to you.

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