Emotional Support

Emotional Support in today’s modern world is a key step to maintaining well-being throughout life. Most of us face stress of some kind; work, financial or relationship and this can happen at any age.

Your emotions are closely linked with the balance of your physical health and often to really feel peaceful and happy again we must support both physical and emotional health equally.

Sometimes a trauma has caused us emotional pain, and we should seek a professional to talk to. However if the physical well-being is not addressed no matter how many weeks and years you ‘talk it through’ if your physical health is not supporting your emotions you may feel that you never feel ‘good’.

Emotional support can involve our personal mind-set and beliefs and I provide support and coaching to allow you to explore this, for those who wish (optional).


Who I support

I support clients who work with other professionals such as counsellors and are also on anti-depressants – I can pinpoint if there is an underlying imbalance such as thyroid or adrenal burn-out making it harder for you to feel happy and uplifted.

I support clients who have been on anti-depressants for years and would like support in coming off of them – I work with the individual and may use herbal remedies and other tools.

I support clients who do not wish to go on anti-depressants but would like to use a natural alternative such as herbal remedy – these are always bespoke to the individual and factor in your overall well-being and constitution. They may work with another professional alongside.

I support clients who feel wired-but-tired, tense and find it hard or impossible to relax. I have a whole range of natural support available.

I support clients who cannot sleep which makes emotional well-being almost impossible. There are many causes of sleep issues and I can help pin point your cause so we can give you the correct solution.

I support clients who are coming into menopause or have recently given birth as anxiety, and low moods are often linked to hormones.

I support clients who don’t want to talk it through, they can’t cope with making any changes just now, they just want to receive feelings of peace and deep relaxation. Deep relaxation is hard for many people and yet it is essential for well-being.

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