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Feeling tired, wiped out, and no energy?

Feeling tired, wiped out, and no energy?

Fatigue and tiredness is an important signal from your body, which should not be ignored. There are many causes of fatigue which is why it is such a common symptom. It is often called TATT Tired-All-The-Time and many people come to see me after the test comes back as normal but they still feel tired.

It is completely normal to feel tired now and then. The biggest cause of fatigue is because the body needs you to rest, and/or to have an early night, so that it can get on with its own repair work.

If a night or two of early nights is not making a difference and either the fatigue is getting worse or you have had it for more than a week – or the GP tests have come back as normal then this is when my assessment could really help.

Fatigue should be a simple communication from the body, which when we are ‘in-tune’ with our body we can easily adjust our rest and sleep while the body repairs – working together as a team. Yet most of us are never taught how to care for our body and understand its signals.

Long-term fatigue is very different; and can be debilitating and cause problems in many areas of your life.

Instead of suggesting an herb or product to give you more energy (quick fix) I check to find the root cause of your fatigue and help you resolve it naturally. This is the best option long-term for your future health.

Common Causes of Fatigue

Through my assessment I can pin-point current subtle imbalances of your internal organs (the ones we forget about). These are not disease markers but signs that your body needs more help to nourish and support in specific areas. Your special personalised reports provide you with a step-by-step plan that you can follow from home.

All of the following areas are common causes of fatigue 

Stress – normally I see this as a specific pattern of signs from multiple internal organs after a stressful situation has passed.
Adrenal Fatigue
Thyroid Imbalance
Pancreas Imbalance
Liver imbalance
Pituitary/Ovary imbalance
Low-grade Infection
Nutritional deficiency
Lifestyle cause
Emotional cause
Poor sleep

I do see other causes but these are the ones I see most often and can help you with.

The double trouble with Fatigue

If your body signals to you through fatigue that it needs your attention and help and instead you ignore the body, the cause eventually gets bigger/worse and starts to impact other systems in the body as they need to compensate. In the short-term the body can cope very well. But over time one simple cause left unsupported can cause larger issues.

Especially with fatigue and low energy we may turn to stimulants such as caffeine and sugar that seem to give us a boost of energy. But actually are causing more problems and eventually even more fatigue.
Either way you end up with double trouble.

Most of the time fatigue has a simple cause. Please don’t leave it too long.

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