Flower essences are very helpful in those times when you are not actually depressed, but not feeling great either.

Perhaps there is a current situation which gets you upset, makes you sad or triggers your insecurities. Maybe you have talked about it for ever going round-and-round in circles and are no further forward. Or sometimes you just don’t know how to talk about your feelings and emotions, and trying to explain just makes you feel worse.

These are just a couple of common examples of when flower essence therapy has really supported my clients over the years.

Safe for all to use

Flower essences can be safely used by the very young, elderly and those on more serious health medications.
They can also be used alongside counselling and anti-depressants medications. They do not need to be ingested to be effective (they are preserved in alcohol).
Sometimes I use them alongside herbal remedies.

Their effect is on the emotional level; feelings and thoughts.

The most important point is to have the correct essence chosen, which should be obvious to you at the time.
If the essence is not right, you simply feel no change or improvement.

How do they make you feel?

Their action on your emotions is subtle but profound, and often provides what I call ‘inner strength’.

This can be experienced as a deep recognition of the inner cause of your pain followed by feelings of relief, insight, and ease.

You can think of this as a key that turns your emotions around.

Flower essence therapy can be thought of as Flower Reiki for the emotions.

How do they work?

Every flower essence has its own unique ‘message’ to help you understand your emotional pain. Each essence message has its own vibrational frequency.

Most people only need to hear the ‘message’ described by the essence-maker or practitioner, in order to receive a personal confirmation that the essence is ‘right’ for them and receive the benefits.
Some people prefer a physical essence to use in a more practical method as well, such as drops on the tongue.

Both methods work. Use the method that is right for you.

How I use Flower Essence Therapy with you

As I mentioned before the art is to find the correct essence for you and Flower Essence therapy is more about balancing your vibrational frequency than as a talk therapy.

Intuitive Selection is essential as it works on a level beyond any judgement of the mind.

I have developed two main ways to work with the essences.

In clinic

In person appointments allow me to very quickly tune into your emotions. There is usually a short discussion of the situation; this is more about me tuning into your frequency than a talk-therapy so it can be fast.
I then very quickly find the essence that resonates with you. It can all be done within 5 minutes.

In my experience it is the recognition of the cause of your pain shared from a safe space that allows your emotions to reset.

The beauty of this appointment is that I then add the essence to the oil I use for reflex touch therapy on and around your feet.
This allows the essence to be received throughout your body and energy-field.

I combine flower essences with my other work such as reflex touch therapy, iridology, herbal remedies, and astrology in clinic to provide you with emotional support.

Flower Essence from Home

By far the easiest way to connect with you from home is by using your personal astrology chart that I can create as an astrologer. Your chart gives me instant insights into your energy field AND the current situation.

This is not an astrology reading, no predictions, but a tool to gain insights into you and your response very quickly (Replacing the reflex touch therapy).
Your astrology chart is an added resource to help you get the most from the flower essence

One difference is that you may need to buy the chosen essence yourself; I provide details of the maker.
Strange as it sounds many people benefit just from the reading (insights into the cause of your emotional pain) and I always leave it as an option to buy the essence.

The two methods I offer are;
Email Report
Online or by Phone from home

Whatever method you decide to use, I send details about your chosen essence and next steps afterwards by email for you to refer back to.

Simply email jo@joanneoliver.co.uk for more information.


  1. Audrey Goddard on September 9, 2019 at 8:08 am

    I can’t put into words just how much you have helped lift my spirits at a time when i have felt low & quite lost. I am the happy smiling me again. & feel so thankful xx

    • Joanne Oliver on September 9, 2019 at 9:14 am

      Ah bless you Audrey…they are so powerful and after 20 years continue to amaze and guide me xxx

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