Happy Healthy Me Club




MONTHLY self-care tools for Body, Mind and Soul.

Are you interested in learning how you can feel happier and healthier?

Looking for practical support that you can use at home to take back control of your own Well-being?

Would you like to learn more about herbs, kitchen recipes, natural medicine, intuition, powerful mind-set and astrology?

Venues in; Banbury – Brackley – Bicester and surrounding areas (see below for details)

Meet like-minded friends

Being part of a group of like-minded friends chatting and discussing these topics is a big part of feeling happier and healthier. So many people feel isolated and it is natural to want to be part of a community or ‘tribe’ and connect with others. On a deeper level intuition and inspiration thrives whenever people meet together with a common intention. Happy Healthy Me club is designed around two tools (see below) that allow you to make the information personal to you, your body and life. We learn easier when we can use all 5 senses so whenever possible the classes are interactive creating a learning experience.

Happy Healthy Me is a MONTHLY club coming to a venue near you; come as often as you like no obligation!


Come along see what it is all about and have a FREE Iridology taster. If you decide to come to the next class you receive copies of your detailed Iridology reports to keep and refer to during the classes as well as your personal Astrology chart and many other bonus gifts through the year!

Regular classes cost £5.00 per meeting. Please book your seat by email to jo@joanneoliver.co.uk

Join us for a 1 hour class packed full of fascinating information to take you on a life-changing journey of self-discovery.

Each MONTH we will cover 3 sections;

1. Caring for the Body

Your body is precious and amazing and if you don’t feel that way right now these classes will show you how. With the right care and understanding your body can provide you with enough energy, vitality and strength to enjoy your life to the full.
Modern life is not always kind and supportive to your physical body. So never before has it been so important to learn how to care for your body. With Natural Healing you can support your well-being (a little or a lot) no matter your age or health condition.

So at Happy Healthy Me you will explore your body and natural ways to care for it. This will include discovering how the main organs in your body serve you and how to care for them easily from home using herbs and plant foods and medicine. This will be a journey of exploring what works for your body and health levels.

Your body is communicating to you all the time; it wants to work with you as a team. This personal language between you and your body is something you can learn with us at Happy Healthy Me.

Personal Bonus for you
Your constitution is a user-manual and short-cut to understand the unique body you have inherited. Included in your membership you will receive a copy of your Iridology constitution which involves a quick painless look into your eyes. This report lasts for life! At Happy Healthy Me knowing your constitution allow you to make the lessons on caring for the body very personal. ** At your first class you will arrange your 5 minute Iridology Taster before or after the class and your constitution reports are emailed to you after the class.

2. Flow with Life

There are always going to be both good and challenging days and phases in your life. At Happy Healthy Me you will explore how to flow with Life and make the most of opportunities and challenges in your daily life with Astrology.
You will discover how the planets influence you personally and how to flow with the constant cycles.
Not only is this fascinating but it gives you a new perspective on your life and the clarity to make choices.

Personal Bonus for you
Your natal-birth-chart is another user-manual that is personal to you. On booking your 2nd Happy Healthy Me class you will receive a copy of your personal astrology chart (and some cool bonus gifts).

Personal astrology gives you two gifts;

First is to understand your personality and your responses to life at a fascinating level. For instance your relationships and romance, your career, your past life gifts, your life mission and your soul path!
The second gift is that your personal chart allows you to understand and link current astrology forecasts to your personal life. This is where you can learn to make the most of opportunities and challenges.
Each week using the current forecast you will learn a little more about Astrology and your own chart and how to flow with life.

Curious about how I use Astrology? Click on my Astro-clarity forecast Facebook Page HERE or read more HERE

3. Everything is Energy

You may have come across the term that everything is energy.

At Happy Healthy Me you are going to explore how you can feel happier and healthier through understanding universal energy, the vital life force that flows through all living things.

Each Month you will discover a topic that is designed to expand and open your mind and soul.

This section of the class will never be too heavy or serious; it is designed to be thought provoking, inspiring and even fun!


All three sections are designed to work together and provide you with new monthly self-care tools for Body, Mind and Soul!

Who is Joanne Oliver? Find out more about me HERE

Pick your nearest Venue

Banbury – Monday mornings 11am at Natural Health Store

Bicester – Evening class coming soon

Option! Small groups of 3-4 friends – having a class with your friends this can be tailored to you! Available at Banbury and Red Barn Retreat £10 per friend

To Book

Simply email jo@joanneoliver.co.uk

Or Find me on Facebook HERE

Text me on 07591 749244