How to improve future health with your personal Iridology Constitution

Iridology assessments allow me to quickly understand my client’s body better through their inherited constitution, which I describe as similar to a user-manual. Their Iridology constitution flags the systems and organs most likely to need support and further assessing, and is often found to be the root cause of the current symptoms. Read about my full assessment HERE

But at home I have been using my own Iridology constitution to guide me towards better health consistently over the past 25 years, and allowing my general health to remain strong. For me this has been an amazing gift, as I was not born with strong health, in fact the complete opposite.

Gift for life

If iridology can help clients effectively reduce their current health symptoms and help me maintain better health levels than I was born with consistency for several decades, it has to be worth exploring.

Your Iridology constitution is not another health product but a gift from your body that you can use for the rest of your life.

To help explain this better, here is my (brief) story.

How I started out…

I had struggled with chronic health issues including endometriosis, sinusitis and IBS from a young age when I discovered my own Iridology constitution in my late twenties. It was while I was learning iridology (Part of the Master Herbalist training) that I first found out my own constitution and at first while fascinating I didn’t really understand its importance.

At some point I reached that crucial stage of being uncomfortable and miserable with my health and open-minded enough to try anything.

So I went back and looked at my constitution. In my case my two biggest areas to look at (Kidneys and Blood sugar levels) did not at that time appear to have anything to do with my current health issues. But as a student herbalist I started researching the best herbs to take and how to care for these areas naturally.

Quite quickly my overall vitality improved although I still had symptoms.

So I continued with my constitution tonics and support and then added extra specific herbs and remedies for the endometriosis, sinusitis and IBS. Within 1 year my health was 90% free of symptoms – for the first time that I could remember at age 30.

What I never appreciated back then was how my health continued to improve year after year just by supporting my constitution.

Often your constitution shows where the root cause of your current health issue is found, as it shows which organs and body systems are naturally weaker in your body.
When you consistently support your constitution you strengthen your overall health levels, as preventative for future health and to improve recovery.


Fast track 25 years to now and I still look after my Kidneys and Blood sugar levels every day. If I am facing challenges of any kind I increase this support first then take any other necessary steps. Over the years I discovered that sugar was one of my biggest challenges in life and that my kidneys would struggle whenever life got difficult.

If I neglected these areas for any length of time, my health suffers, and when I supported them my health improves and seems stronger.

Your constitution does not change; it is a user-manual to understand the body you inherited. What will change though is the vitality of your overall health levels when you support the specific areas of your constitution.

Knowing my inherited constitution was a crucial part of the puzzle to transforming my health that I continue to use to this day.

How to use your Iridology constitution

So here are the simple steps I used and you can too.

1. First you have to know your personal constitution –understand which areas of your body you need to focus on and be aware of, this can be as simple as knowing it is digestion and liver.
2. Learn how to care for this area of your body – which brand or make of products is down to your personal choice; just ensure they support and nourish your constitution needs.
3. Keep on supporting your constitution – trick here is to turn consistent support into a habit.

It really is this simple. However most of us need both the right information and support to get us ready for better health over the next 25 years….


I know this information can help so many people, at any stage of life, including you.

Having an Iridology assessment to discover your personal constitution is just the fascinating first step. How will you support your constitution naturally? How do you know you are on the right track? How easy is it to remain consistent?

Many people are interested in improving their health, and also want to feel happier too.


Please check out my assessments HERE

This assessment is worth having even if you are not struggling with a health condition as it is a Gift to learn how to keep your self healthy in the future xx