Healing Foods

Healing Foods

What is the best diet? Have you heard the news about this food? What is the latest research telling us to eat?

What are Healing Foods?

After 25 years I have seen many health diets come and go. At first I got quite frustrated and confused with conflicting experts and research. Science is always finding out more and often conflicts with the previous research so it clearly does not have all the answers. Different conflicting diets work for thousands of people.

Then it started to all fall into place.

You have to eat the foods that suit your body

All diets have something to offer you.

So what I did was study and trial many of the different diets from vegan, high raw, to Paleo and keto, from acid/alkaline to GAP.  Over the years I studied with various experts and followed their diet approach for myself and then with clients and was able to see how the different approaches worked.

Instead of arguing which was the best diet I learned to take the recipes and approach that suited my own body and then helped my clients to do the same. I was excited about the creative passion and healing focus that went into each different diet

I found that my diet needs flowed and changed over the 25 years.

I used my iridology constitution and intuitive guidance and feedback from my body to guide me.

You can learn to do this too.

In clinic I can provide you with detailed feedback on how your body is responding to your dietary changes through reflex touch therapy.

In Happy Healthy Me Club every month we will look at a different healing food diet and discuss which constitutions and symptoms can be helped by various recipes.

Come and join me to learn how to embrace all diets and learn what foods your body needs

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