Natural Hormone MOT – Prepare for Menopause

Are you in or approaching your 40’s and starting to wonder about the ‘dreaded’ menopause? We all know women who have had a menopause that resembles a living hell.

Does it have to be this way?

The truth is that some of this depends on genetics and some on how well the hormone system and crucial internal organs have been supported leading up to menopause.

There are many women who quietly go through menopause, naturally and maintain their health and shape easily.

After 20 years in clinic I have found that those women that prepare and support their hormones before they hit menopause have much greater chance of a gentle menopause naturally.

My Natural Menopause MOT is aimed at those women who, for whatever reason, would prefer a natural approach for their menopause. HRT and Natural Hormone therapy suit some women but not others.

A great benefit of a Natural Menopause MOT is that should you decide at menopause to use Natural Hormones Therapy or HRT you will have even better results.

Even if you are currently on synthetic hormones through birth-control, and so have no connection with your own hormone system, there are many ways you can still support your body to balance hormones and a smooth menopause.

The Natural Hormone MOT

This is designed as a yearly MOT during your forties up until menopause and last one hour £35.00

Overall health levels

The MOT will look at your overall health levels, the body is made up of many parts yet they work together as one unit. When we support those areas that have become out of balance, our overall health improves.

This is often the missing key as modern medicine can focus on just one small element of your health rather than the overall function. When approaching menopause it makes sense to have as much vitality as possible to take you through the hormone transition.

Crucial Hormone Support

While we will assess your hormone function through the pituitary, thyroid and ovaries, the main focus of the MOT is the crucial organs and systems that support your hormones.

The support organs are essential because they are what make it possible for the hormones to do their job. Supporting these organs gives you a greater chance of experiencing a normal healthy menopause.

The good news is that anyone can improve these support organs naturally at any stage of their hormone journey, even if they are on hormone medications!
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Emotions and Hormones

Emotions are part of the hormone system so learning how to cope with and support our emotions through menopause starts with the MOT. There are lifestyle choices that we have control over, such as diet that can both cause and reduce emotions such as anxiety. Read More about emotional support HERE

MOT Report & Support

After each MOT you receive an email copy of your personal MOT report outlining the areas I have picked up.

A large part of my natural approach and support is designed to be done from home, and much of it is free step-by-step guidance.

Rather than do everything all at once, which feels like hard work, I provide you with a personal menu tailored to your own body.

Herbs & Hormones
Herbs can be very helpful in specific situations, especially for those needing daily support. All my herbal remedies are tailored to your individual MOT and will be discussed fully. This is an optional service I provide.

The best part of the MOT

The best part of the MOT is actually the Assessment!

My MOT introduces you to two little known therapy tools. The first is always fascinating and involves looking into your eyes (iridology) to discover inherited constitution and traits. Then a deeply relaxing treatment on and around your feet (Reflex Touch Therapy) which many describe as feeling like Reiki for the feet.

Both of these provide you with detailed information about your body and health levels.

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