So what happens after your Assessment? Maybe it’s the next day or week or even a year ago since you had your assessment.

Some people immediately book a follow up, while others take time to make some changes before deciding if they need to come back.
But we all need support.
Experienced support is really important to your success, over the years I have had this confirmed many times.
So I am sharing how to get the most from my support especially designed for my clients!

When to reach out to me for support

When you first get started to ensure you understand the process
When you have any questions queries or are unsure about one point
When you hit a bump, fall off the wagon, habits creep back in…
When you have had a break from the process
When you are not getting the results
When you face new symptoms

These are all common stages of transitioning towards better health that I can support.

How to use the Report Summary

So your report summary can be thought of as your ‘key areas’. I always provide a list of actions to take to support your body and health; based on your individual assessment.
No matter how long ago you had your assessment it is worth checking those ‘key areas’ again. It is surprising how often we slip back into old habits that feel comfortable. But eventually you will be back to square one with symptoms creeping back in.

When you keep referring back to your key areas and even upgrading and tweaking them you become your own expert, and learn to keep your own body happy.
If you struggle with any of them email me…

Free Email support

Once I have seen you for an assessment I can easily refer to your notes.

This is when I can give specific advice by email; because I now know your body!

So I can tailor my answer to your own body! I have built a library of typed up handouts sharing recipes alternatives, interesting research and support that I can email you very easily. I can only do this after I have seen you for an assessment as then I know what you need.
No question is too silly.
Over the years I have typed up hundreds of supportive emails encouraging those who are struggling…I know myself how much difference a word of encouragement makes!

Free Newsletter – Simple secrets to success

The easiest way for me to support my clients is through my weekly newsletter.

I will let you into a little secret – Consistency. On any road to success we need to be consistent to get results. The best way to be consistent is to be reminded.
So the goal of my newsletter; even if you only read my name in your inbox once a week – is as a reminder to stay consistent!
Of course I hope that those that do read my articles feel fascinated, educated and motivated too.
Another secret is that most of our health is created from home. So my newsletter has support that you can use straight away from home.
This is also a great way for me to share additional natural health methods such as recipes.

I like to think my newsletter shares ‘Simple secrets to success’ with natural health!

I invite clients to my special support newsletter by personal email invite

When to book a follow-up

So I hope you can see that I do provide many free support resources that you can use after just one assessment. However there are times when having a follow-up appointment is best. A follow-up usually gives me even more information and means I can fine-tune the support I give you.

Find out all about my assessments HERE


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