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How to stay on track when you begin a natural approach to health

How to stay on track when you begin a natural approach to health

I have half-joked that the reason why I can help others is because I personally found it hard to stay on track when I first began my journey with natural health.
So, if you are currently struggling, I am here to help.

Whether you are an all or nothing personality or, like me, prefers to take my time to make changes, falling off the wagon and losing the plot is part of the process!

The Natural Health Process

Step One
You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. So, you are at that magical point where you open your mind, get curious and decide to try anything. Your motivation is engaged, and you are hopeful. Often making the changes and learning about natural health opens a whole new world of possibility.
Once you start to make changes, your body responds. So now you are on the upward cycle and inspired to make even more changes. It feels easy, sometimes you want to tell everyone about it, because you feel so good!

Step Two.
You hit a challenge. Something happens outside of your control – often at the emotional level. This triggers your old habits, the ones you have followed most of your life. Before you know it, and certainly not your intention, you are right back in your old routines of self-care. It feels comfortable. If it involves alcohol, sugar (sweeteners) or caffeine, then it triggers the addiction receptors and initially you feel great.
Before you know it one bad meal turns into a week, or month or longer. Then you notice your old symptoms returning. Then you feel guilty, judge yourself, feel a failure, and are generally fed up.

Step Three
Fed up enough to get back on track. But for some reason this time it is not as easy. In theory it should be, after all you did it before. Also, when you do make the changes your body is more stubborn about healing, and even feels as though it isn’t working.

What is happening?

Here is a natural law that I have seen many times.

The longer you follow natural healing the stronger your health becomes and the better you feel; I am talking year on year and even decades. It’s amazing!

However, the first year is often a testing journey. An essential part of the process you must go through to get the results.

At one time dairy and wheat made me very ill, yet now I can consume them. To get to this stage I had to avoid them for a lengthy period of time, during this time my focus was on helping my body to heal. Although I quickly felt better, if I tried to eat them before my body was healed the reactions were awful.

This is a law of natural healing. The body needs to heal. This involves supporting; your constitution (Iridology), the root cause of why your body creates the symptoms, and any emotional/stress triggers.

There are a couple of aspects to this testing time.

The first aspect to be aware of is sugar/caffeine addiction patterns which I have written about HERE and most clients I see have this going on to some degree or another. In clinic I share some resources to help you cope with this.

The next is that you do need to consistently support your constitution as this is what builds reserves of vitality and strengthens your overall health. I have written about this HERE. If you have forgotten or lost your details book a follow up and we can discuss how you can strengthen your constitution.

Your triggers always have an emotional element to them. Our self-care is wrapped around our emotional well-being. You can eat a perfect diet and workout everyday but un-resolved emotions can make you sick. Likewise the wrong diet or out of balance body can made you more unhappy and anxious. I have all sorts of resources for emotional balance that can be combined with/without counselling and medications. See HERE and HERE

Root causes can range from nutritional deficiencies, hormone imbalances, existing medications, stress and much more. These are often what I focus on during your assessment, because once they are resolved you initially get results quickly.

How to cope with a Slip

Here is my brief blueprint. This works best as close to the initial slip as possible. Once you are in that yoyo cycle it is best to see me.

When you slip; acknowledge it instantly. Not with judgement but with curiosity. What made you slip? What was your trigger? Write it down describe it in as much detail as possible. Look at your emotional responses i.e. were you bored, or lonely? What did this slip teach you? Like I said at the beginning I slipped many times and I learned so much; such as a complex emotional relationship to rules, people and my food.

Don’t blame yourself, step back, and learn what your triggers are. This takes the emotional sting out of guilt and makes it easier to get back on track.
Next ask yourself how you can avoid that trigger again in the future?
Using a journal can be very insightful and helpful. Sometimes we just need to put some practical steps in.

Slipping and learning what your triggers are is an essential element of your healing journey. You are complex and you are doing far more than healing your body of symptoms.

A good focus is to see how quickly you can get back on track; slip, insight, back on track. Oh and if you are like me, you may be surprised at how many triggers you have!

Final note

The big challenge when we start to struggle is that we have lost our personal motivation and inspiration. Also sometimes there is a distinct energy-healing aspect. This is why I started to offer 30-minute follow ups based around reflex touch as I found that those who had regular treatments especially in the first few months always had better long-term results.
I am sure if you read this article again and look at your notes from your assessment you will see some action that you can take right now.
If you are struggling, please do not hesitate to book an appointment as then we can dig much deeper and come up with the next stage of your healing journey plan!

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