You might have read that ‘Everything is Energy’. When you put this concept into practice it is life changing and an important key to improving your health.

I find it interesting that when we define what energy is, we come up with the word power. Certainly when you can harness energy it can feel powerful and when you are shut-off from energy you can feel disempowered.

This helps us start to understand health. Good health is large amounts of energy or power.

How to connect to the frequency of your self-care

Through my own health and intuitive studies I have found the theory that energy has a vibrational frequency one of the best ways to understand health and how to become healthier.

Your unique frequency

You in-your-body, have your own vibrational frequency. Your frequency has certain parameters that can move down a sliding scale from very-good-optimum down to not-functioning-well settings. All of your physical body, your individual organs and systems, your thoughts and emotions are linked to a unique overall frequency setting that essentially is you and your health.

I am often asked what I do during my intuitive assessment of clients. I always start by finding the right vibrational frequency of my client, which feels very similar to tuning into a radio station. When a client is speaking to me what I tend to pick up are specific words and emotions that jump out of their normal frequency. When I am doing a health assessment I am picking up the vibrational frequency range of individual organs. Again what I pick up are those that are outside of your normal frequency setting.

Subtle vibrational scale

This is not disease diagnosis. This is much more subtle. Your body is actually designed to be able to move up and down the vibrational frequency scale. There is a feedback system. When your vibrational frequency reaches a certain level your body produces a reaction. You might laugh, cry, feel tired, or develop a symptom such as bloating, skin irritation or headache.

Everything is Energy

Now everything you come into contact with also has a vibrational frequency.

From what you eat and drink for breakfast, the words describing the news, music on the radio, Facebook posts, the people you live and work with and even your cat.
It is both complex and simple.

For teaching purposes we can think that lower frequencies do not feel good. While higher frequencies feel much better. This is a very simple example but it gives you an idea and image to work with.

When it comes to health we are seeking to feed, nourish and surround ourselves with ‘higher ‘frequencies.

Often it only takes a little awareness before you can start tuning in to the vibrational frequency of your food and drink, people around you, pets, and the atmosphere in rooms. What you are picking up is the connection between your own normal frequency setting and that of life around you.

When it comes to food, drink and remedies sometimes you will get the most accurate feedback just as you reach out to touch it.

That first impression is so important.

I am not exactly sure why, but once we fully interact such as to swallow the drink or medicine or interact with the information or person the feedback is not always as accurate. I think it is because we can over-ride the feedback. Believe me I have done this many times and afterwards wish I hadn’t! But over the years testing my intuition/inner guidance has taught me a great deal…

Practical exercise

You can develop this intuitive response between your own vibrational frequency and your interactions in your daily life. With practice it can become an amazing tool to guide you towards healthy choices.

Focus on that first impression especially for things that you do to nourish and care for yourself. Such as; food, drinks, remedies and supplements, and any products that you use on yourself such as body lotion.

I find that the moment I think about a drink or look at food is when I personally receive the feedback. It might be when you reach out to touch it. Again the first contact can give very strong feedback. You can learn to hover or pause for a split second over the product to allow your intuition to jump in.

It is often a very subtle response. Don’t force your mind. Don’t strain. It is much more of a sinking inwards. A relaxing and letting go. Any worry or fear or striving will block your response.

Everyone will have a different experience. The hairs on your arm may raise, you may get a feeling in your stomach, you might ‘feel’ a no or yes. Energy frequency and vibration is not always on the intellectual ‘word’ level and is easier on the feeling/emotional level and images in your imagination (powerful). The more you develop and practice the better this essential feed-back connection will become.

Sometimes there is neither a yes or no. Don’t get frustrated. Maybe you need more time, more information or that right now you are not in the best place/situation to receive a message from your intuition.

If you have strong views, thoughts or emotions either in the moment or about the product this can sometimes block your response.

So an open-minded curious approach is good. Where you don’t mind what the answer is as its all good.
This is why for now I suggest you focus on things that you use to nourish yourself such as food and self-care products. The body is naturally designed to give you a stronger response to your self-care.

This is why we should all develop this intuitive ability. Personally I think this ability was something man-kind used a great deal for survival and has become dormant.

Please note just because you may receive a yes or no does not mean others will receive the same response.

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