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Is Sugar a problem for me?

Is Sugar a problem for me?

Most people are aware that too much sugar is not good for us from dental health, weight gain to more serious diseases such as IBS, arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions and cancer to anxiety and depression.

So we switch to ‘healthy’, ‘diet’, low-calorie’ and ‘low-sugar’ meals but many people still wonder ‘Is sugar a problem for me?’

Despite all the books and diet clubs it really does come down to your personal body, health levels, your inherited constitution, and your life-style.

There is no one single answer that suits everyone, when it comes to how sugar impacts our health, except our own bodies.

Sugar is one area of health where a personal assessment can really help you.

Hey just so you know, I was addicted to chocolate and caffeine for many years, and I personally understand the misery of sugar addiction. The impact it had on my health and body and emotions. So I don’t judge anyone and I am here to support you naturally. Jo x

Is sugar a problem for you?  Take this simple quiz;

How many of these common symptoms of sugar imbalances do you suffer with? – answer Yes or No
Please note that most low-calorie sweeteners still impact your blood sugar levels and/or candida levels. Stevia and Xylitol sweeteners may be answered as ‘No.’

1. Does your stomach bloat? Most days?
2. Do you have a mid-afternoon energy slump?
3. Are you energy levels up and down?
4. Are your emotions up and down?
5. Do you suffer with IBS?
6. Do you have dry itchy patches of skin?
7. Do you suffer with thrush?
8. Do you suffer with allergies? Eczema, asthma?
9. Do you suffer with aches and pains in your joints?
10. Do you suffer with sinus issues?
11. Do you need to add fruit, honey, sweeteners or sugar to breakfast? Or prefer cereal or toast for breakfast?
12. Do you crave something sweet after each meal?
13. Do you consume more than 1 or more sweet drinks most day’s? Low-calorie fizzy drinks, squash, hot chocolate, teas and coffee with sweeteners?
14. Do you struggle to go more than 7 days without alcohol?
15. Do you eat biscuits, cakes, breakfast bars, desserts, or sweet yoghurt most days?
16. Do you eat chocolate more than once a week? Dark, milk or regular?
17. Do you feel better on eating something sweet?
18. Can you ignore your sugar craving?
19. Does your sugar craving feel out of control? Do you eat a whole packet? Do you eat in sugar in private?
20. Do you crave carbohydrates such as pasta, bread and toast – how often?
21. Does low energy, feeling tired make you crave sugar more?
22. Does feeling bored or lonely make you crave sugar more?
23. Does sadness and anxiety make you crave sugar more?
24. Medications – are you on medications? Have you taken antibiotics or contraception pill?

How many questions did you answer ‘Yes’ to?

It is helpful to come back to this quiz every few months to monitor your improvements

We all have the odd blip with sugar where we may answer yes’ to some of these questions for a few days, before we gain control and re-balance our blood sugar levels. This is often holiday time!

If you know that you would have said yes for more than a week in the last 2 weeks, take this as your signal to take action before it becomes an issue – usually you can turn this around yourself.

Do you have regular sugar in your diet but are unaware of any of the above symptoms?

I have come across this before with either younger clients, and those with (very) strong constitutions yet during my assessment I was still able to pick-up the imbalances in the body. It is very hard to see sugar as a problem if you are unaware of any symptoms! In this situation I often pick up the Liver or Pancreas as out of balance. The good news is that sometimes these people have very few withdrawal symptoms.

How do I check? Read about Reflex Touch Therapy

If you said yes to more than 3 questions;

  • For more than 3 weeks (It might be much longer)
  • Or you have a regular pattern of stopping sugar only to find yourself back to sugar again – yo-yoing

Your probably have an underlying imbalance (root cause) causing you to seek sugar for energy or comfort. Your sugar intake is on the way to being a chronic addiction and needs personal support.

Simple causes of sugar cravings lead to chronic sugar addiction

Sometimes simple sugar addiction actually causes an imbalance of the internal organs, causing symptoms which leads to medications and further side-effects.

Drink is often where we find the ‘hidden’ sugar especially alcohol.

Yet often the cause of the sugar cravings is actually a simple imbalance. There are about 10 common causes I see in clinic, and most clients with sugar cravings have more than one.
Some people have a small imbalance of an organ such as the liver or adrenals or thyroid (low-function not disease) that may be inherited or developed over time, others may have an emotional issue or lifestyle choice that is the cause.

When you understand what causes your sugar cravings and how they influence each other it becomes very simple to put right from home, naturally.
When we address the original cause alongside supporting sugar cravings we get long-term results rather than the classic yoyo sugar cravings.

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