Kitchen Remedies (Herbs & Spices)

Kitchen Remedies (Herbs & Spices)

Once upon a time herbs and spices were added to everyday cooking as medicine and kitchen remedies.

The best of these have stood the test of time and are probably already in your kitchen, growing in your flower bed or found at your local super-market.

Flavour and taste are as much about health as they are about recipes when it comes to herbal medicine.

Just knowing the benefits of your favourite tasting herb or spice can add a bit of magic (and other benefits) to your kitchen and daily meals.

Many Kitchen herbs and spices are best when they are added in small amounts in your regular meals and drinks and so much fun!

Every month in the Happy Healthy Me Club I will introduce you to a new kitchen remedy that you can try for yourself.

We will also talk about taste, recipes, benefits and even some folklore.

As always we will also link Iridology constitution to herbs and spices so you can learn which are best for you.

Come and join us HERE

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