Matcha Green Tea Recipes

Matcha Green Tea Recipes

I often suggest my clients try Matcha green tea.

Matcha has all the benefits of green tea but is more potent and can often help when we need to replace the buzz of coffee with something more subtle.

I tend to suggest Matcha to my Resilient and Self-protective Iridology constitution clients who may be in love with the coffee buzz but not that wired-but-tired feeling or the anxiety jitters and lack of sleep that comes with the coffee. Matcha gives a more consistent steady type of energy and allows you to relax as well.

Of course those with Golden, Creative constitution and hormone/menopause symptoms may also need a break from the adrenal strain-and-drain of energy levels which disrupt the hormones and emotions that caffeine and coffee can cause too. Good news is that Matcha can aid the metabolism and weight loss similar to coffee and not put any strain on the adrenals (so important for hormones)

Lastly the Responsive and Peacemakers clients whose immune system has issues with wheat may also find that coffee causes some digestive issues and intolerances and instead Matcha enhances the immune system.

*Your iridology constitution is the key to understanding what your body needs and why, to stay healthy; read more HERE

So Matcha can give the energy lift from caffeine but because it also calms us down; unlike coffee, we can focus and concentrate.

There are so many benefits that even if you keep your daily coffee it’s worth exploring Matcha for yourself.

 Matcha Green Tea Recipes

I admit I love coffee, but if like me, you find that you need to cut coffee down to improve your health then Matcha can really help when you still need a little lift of energy through the day.
If you enjoy green tea there are some great Matcha teas’ available such as Pukka herb teas who have a lovely tea-bag range. You can also buy Matcha as a green powder; there are different quality grades with prices to match.

Luckily there are all sorts of inspiring ways to enjoy Matcha green powder every day!

So to encourage you I decided to share some other ways you can include and explore Matcha each week.

Matcha Coconut Latte Recipe
Now for any post-menopausal women doing intermittent fasting this may be an alternative to Bullet-coffee. It’s simply Matcha with coconut oil and a whisk!
Herbal tip; A tiny pinch of fresh Rosemary leaf can also give a little lift to both focus, energy and emotions!
Read the full recipe details from loveandlemons  HERE


Matcha cucumber lemonade

This is a cool refreshing drink for the afternoon if you need to concentrate and still sleep! I actually tried this by letting a Pukka mint Matcha green tea cool first. Then simply gave it a quick blend with the cucumber and added some fresh lemon. I don’t tend to use agave sweetener if you really need to sweeten then maybe a tiny drop of high grade maple syrup?
The full recipe details from dailyburn HERE


Matcha Ice-cream
This recipe uses full fat coconut milk and an avocado with Matcha and vanilla and a drop of maple syrup. Good news is that this recipe does not require an ice-cream maker! Before it freezes solid you scoop it into portions..
The full amazing recipe is at the amazing sweetlyraw HERE


Matcha Energy Balls (with Chocolate or Carob)
There are loads of these recipes on the internet. I like the nakd bar types that use soaked dates to sweeten them. Most include coconut; shredded and the oil. You could use cashews and/or almonds or even oats. Then of course there is the Matcha powder. Many of the recipes include chocolate. If you are trying to avoid caffeine then just swap Carob powder instead of chocolate, which I enjoy just as much. Try this recipe from nakedcuisine HERE


As always let me know how you get on!

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