Autumn is the perfect time to think about your winter health.
None of us want to experience the coughs, colds and bugs of winter, and even worse the ongoing low-mood and fatigue that follow for many weeks.

A natural approach has a lot to offer winter health. Many herbs are anti-viral which means they help (actually ‘talk’ to) your immune system to identify and eliminate viral infections. Many natural healing techniques nourish and support your overall immunity strength.

A strong educated immune system that can figure out how to heal is really our best line of defense. Once you have this system then adding certain outside factors can combine into a truly winning formula and certainly an option to consider.

How to get better results

There are two simple natural health laws you need to follow to get better results.
1. Know your own body so you can provide the remedy and support what it actually needs.
2. Be prepared so that you can act at the first sign.

No matter how expensive or pure the remedy, if your body doesn’t need it; you won’t see the results you seek!
The Winter Health MOT is a completely bespoke and individual assessment to help you see how you can improve your immunity and health levels over the winter. So you get better results.

Cure, suppress or strengthen?

There is still no ‘cure’ for the common cold. There are, however, many over-the-counter medications that take away the symptoms and allow you to get on with your life.
But this does not mean you no longer have the virus. You have simply told your soldiers (immune system) to step down and surrender.

Did you know….
A sore throat is your immune system building new soldiers and alerting all the armies in your body.
The annoying sneezing, watery eyes and cough are how your body works hard to expel the virus from your body.
Your temperature (aches and chills) is how the body increases and grows its new soldiers, specially armed ready to deal with this exact viral infection.

All these symptoms are a sign from the body that you are under attack and that it needs your co-operation to deal with this invader!
So when you switch the immune system off, so you can get on with life, you have also given the virus a free pass.

Essential Natural Immunity

The common cold virus is not deadly. So left alone it just brings your energy reserves and vitality levels down for weeks or months.
But the continual suppressing of your immune system is not seen as healthy in natural healing.

Each time your immune system defends a new virus it learns and gets smarter. As part of the process your immune system also does a massive clean-up of all junk in your body.

Old time healers saw the annual winter cold as an essential part of your natural immunity process.
As your immune system fights off the virus it also does a clean-up job, leaving you feeling a lot BETTER after fighting the cold than you did before!

Two aims of natural winter health

In a perfect world we only want one very short-lived common cold each winter. So a big part of natural health is to strengthen your immune system. A strong immune system detects and deals with viral invaders easily and quickly, most of the time without us being aware it is happening.

If you do catch a viral infection we want it to be short-lived and leave you feeling better with renewed vitality and energy.
It is not natural or normal to feel wiped out and under par for weeks after a winter cough or cold. In this state you are more likely to come under attack from repeated viral infections.
So a strong recovery is a very important part of winter health.

Included in your Winter MOT

Discover how to strengthen and boost your overall health levels – building reserves of energy to fuel your immune system. Are your adrenals wiped or your nervous system frazzled or your hormones all over the place? Find out this and much more.

Understand where and how to strengthen your defenses (immune system and support organs). How well are your Lymph flowing? Is your immune system already compromised? How strong is your gut immunity? Every area of health can be supported and improved through simple changes.

You receive a PERSONAL summary of natural methods you use to support these areas from home over the winter. This is the crucial missing KEY to better winter health!

Jo Thanks for taking the time to see me today and return such a comprehensive report so quickly. I really appreciate it. I will work through the contents of the recommendations and hatch a holistic plan.

This is a great time to book your Annual Assessment or Follow-up appointment as it allows you to monitor any changes at a time of year you will benefit most!

Now you have this crucial first step in place you will see even better results with;

FREE Winter Health Workbook.

This 18-page PDF workbook Is filled with natural recipes and remedies, easy to make and use. Includes;

  • Understanding your immune system
    Old-time Healers approach
    Natural ways to strengthen your immune system
    Stock up with natural ingredients, herbs and recipes
    When Cold or cough attacks
    At the first sign
    All about Fever

To Book simply email me direct at

New to my work? You will need to book the initial assessment HERE which will include the Winter-health workbook and all the extra special reports!


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