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NETTLE the Super-Tonic Tea

NETTLE the Super-Tonic Tea

Nettle Tea is one of those simple secrets of natural health that easily gets overlooked. I think it’s good to review Nettle once a year and remind ourselves of how good she is for us!

She is after all a Superfood Tonic. The secret to her success is to make her part of your regular routine because she works best over time.

Nettle works because she is very rich in important minerals and makes them easily available as food and energy to the body. She also has what herbalists call ‘actions’ which is simply a response to her chemicals from individual body organs and systems.

The leaves are best for….
Pregnancy as a super tonic and deeply nourishing to both mum and baby
Low energy caused through poor diet, or erratic blood sugar levels and Thyroid
Children for growing strong bones, teeth, muscles and brain!
Allergies just remember to start your allergy programme in January and include Nettle
• Gentle diuretic for water retention
Stress – nettle is deeply nourishing to the adrenals
• For a tight bronchial congestion where she will loosen without irritating.
• A hair tonic
• Regular use can reduce and support Osteoporosis and support Menopause

Nettle Seed is said to nourish the thyroid and reduce excess weight. It is also an ancient poison antidote for hemlock, Nightshade and snakebites.

Nettle ROOT
Is very powerful herbal medicine and can cause hallucinations. Professional trained herbalists may use the roots for kidney stones, prostate swellings and AIDS.

Let me introduce you to Nettle

Susun Weed a wonderful American wise woman tells us that nettle was known as ‘sister spinster’ and she really wants you to pay attention……
Nettle is THE most nourishing green weed – the Tonic Superfood – and freely available in most gardens. (Don’t worry also easily available in tea-bag form too)
‘Sister spinster’s young leaves and stalks are very high in CALCIUM, CHROMIUM, IRON, PHOSPHOROUS, ZINC and the B Complex of vitamins as well many other trace minerals.’ This is why nettle is also known as green gold.

Using Nettle at home

Foraging your own – it is very easy to grow a small patch of nettles in any size garden, perhaps at the back or in a quiet corner. Always make sure you are 100% sure that you know it is nettle and that it hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals. You can harvest young nettle tops and save a few mature nettles to flower for wild-life and seeds.

Buy organic dried nettle leaves. Nettle is cheap to buy and really worth finding organic so that you can make the most of the great range of minerals.

FRESH LEAVES are best cooked and used just like spinach. Use in soup or sauté with garlic in butter…
DRIED LEAVES have the best available nutrition when extracted through water as teas…you can also grind dried leaves and add to Himalayan Salt.

Nettle Super Tonic Tea

Best used with dried organic leaves. To get the most out of nettle tea you need to steep it overnight (Nourishing Infusion) so that you have a dark green liquid. If using pure teabags you can use 2 or 3 tea bags in one mug to get real benefits. The secret is to use nettle consistently to receive the results.

This can then be used in the following ways;

Add a small amount to your usual hot drinks through the day and smile as you know you are also having a Superfood tonic
• Add cold to smoothies
• Freeze as tonic ice cubes
• Add to stock for soups and casseroles
• Add ice and sip on hot balmy days……
• Add to more cold water as a great hair rinse and tonic

That surprising Sting…..

Nettle is famous for her stinging hairs which are hidden underneath the leaves. Her sting is painful and frightening to many. If you gently brush past without paying attention they will sting you. Herbalist and foragers tell us that grasping the leaves firmly stops them stinging you……..unless you need the sting.
Urtication is a famous old healing practice of being stung by nettle leaves!
Latest scientific research backs up this ancient healing art.
First the sting causes an intense physical and energetic stimulus to circulation, nerves, muscle fibres, meridians, and lymphatic flow. Old time healers knew that stagnant energy (lack of vital life force flow) either physical or energetic was a main cause of disease.
Next the tiny hairs inject the skin with a fluid containing histamine and formic acid like a modern day injection.

I have not used Urtication myself (intentionally) but do think it is fascinating! However I DO use nettle tea and in my herbal formulas on a regular basis and hope you will too.

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