Overnight oats sum up my approach to healthy eating; they are fun, delicious and easy to make. And there are endless variations….You can find a tasty recipe even if you are vegan, paleo or have intolerances.

I have been enjoying over-night oats for almost 20 years. Back then I had a very bad intolerance to wheat and at the time even cooked oats while better tolerated tended to bloat my stomach and cause IBS. I found that raw un-cooked but soaked oats was very easy to digest.

Over the years I have experimented with many different variations of over-night oats and today they are very popular.
I don’t measure anything and I make it up the night before and enjoy it the next day.
I often have eggs for breakfast and over-night oats for a portable lunch; which seems to suit me even better! Some experts believe eating carbs later in the day is better and others vice versa…see what works for you. I like and use both timings.

As a general rule my over-night oats are wheat and dairy-free and I use low sugar fruits such as berries and I always make sure I have healthy fats and protein.

My personal list of ingredients that I pick & mix includes;

Organic oats
Milk such as Coconut, Almond or Hemp, occasionally Soya
Dried fruits such as raisins or Goji berries occasionally dried cherries or dates
Seeds such as sunflower, hemp, pumpkin, sesame, ground flax,
Fruit usually frozen berries such as raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry,
Other fruit such as currents, cherries, apple, pear, Sharon fruit, apricot, peach, clementine, lemon
Spices usually cinnamon or ginger
Flavouring vanilla essence, or salted caramel flavouring, peppermint, Himalayan salt, stevia
Powders such as carob, raw caca, Maca, Lacuma, Matcha
Protein powder, peanut butter, almond butter, hazelnut butter, coconut oil/butter, avocado

**Chia seeds do not agree with me and I never found yoghurt that I could tolerate but you may be fine with them. I avoid honey as it spikes my pancreas and blood sugar levels. 
Feel free to add creative toppings!

Prefer them warm? You can low heat them if you prefer.

I have come across soaking the oats in Apple Cider Vinegar for even more digestive balance and then turning them into porridge. But I just love my overnight oats!

Over-night Oat Inspiration

You can find tons of inspiration for recipes online these days. I stick with my no wheat/dairy very low GI sugar rules and then have fun! Here are some ideas from overnightoats.co.uk website

Raspberry and Lemon
Coconut and Pomegranate
Apple Cinnamon and nut butter
Carrot cake overnight oats
Almond Butter Carob Overnight Oats with Bananas and Coconut by Feed Your Beauty?
Or Cherry Mango Chia Overnight Oats by feed your Beauty
Cocoa Banana Overnight Oats By My Fussy Eater

Do let me know if you create or find a recipe that you really love!

Prefer porridge? Try Carrot Cake Porridge

As always in your Personal Assessment we can discuss fun ways to tailor your recipes to your individual Constitution.

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