Reflex Touch Therapy is a subtle-energy form of conventional reflexology working on and around the feet and using a similar map that relates points in the feet with organs in the body

Clients describe it as a synergy between reflexology and Reiki; but feeling quite different to either.

Certainly to receive benefits all you have to do is allow yourself to relax back, wrapped in soft throws, then drift off while I apply oil to your feet in a very detailed, but gentle flowing touch.

What I am doing is actually far more than just a gentle foot massage!

I am not one to have my feet “meddled” with but Jo’s touch is just magic and when she asked me at my first session if I was aware that I had a neck / back problem I was stunned – especially as I had literally just made an appointment to see my local osteopath but had not mentioned any back troubles to Jo at all ! How can she know this just from my feet…..?

Reflex touch has been around for many years under the name of Morrell (Pat Morrell) and has been involved in the first hospital trials (reducing pain and speeding recovery time) and television documentary on HTV with Dr Len Noakes (in the 1990’s) for Reflexology.

The whole treatment from start to finish is designed to RELAX the nervous system.

So we have a flowing gentle technique combined with a very specific ‘soft’ touch; similar to the flow of energy in Tai Chi or Reiki – both of which mean ‘universal energy’.

The soothing non-invasive touch used in reflex touch therapy not only feels good but encourages feelings of trust and security often leading to a light meditative state or even sleep.

Jo only has to touch my feet and I feel calm, most of us need help at some point and Reflex Touch is a really nice way to get that help and some me time, A lot of us put ourselves at the bottom of the list when it comes to getting help, but Reflex Touch puts you right back up there. E. Oxford.

Clients report improved energy, better sleep and positive feelings simply through regular treatments partly due to the release of oxytocin a ‘feel-good’ hormone released with gentle touch.

It is possible to pick up quite subtle imbalances in individual organs.

Over the years I have specialised in working with many of the internal organs that relate to hormones, stress, digestion and immunity. I use the responses I pick up from the feet with the medical herbalism training I have studied for almost 20 years.

The main teaching I follow is called Vitalism which believe there is a fundamental ‘spark of life’ in the body (and any living entity) rather than just a series of mechanical and chemical processes. Reflex Touch Therapy allows me to ‘read’ the vital spark of life in the internal organs of my clients.
This information cannot be taken as medical diagnosis but health can be improved by supporting the body (and vital life force) naturally through simple changes. I always encourage medical diagnosis alongside my work.

However Reflex touch therapy is very helpful when the diagnosis comes back as ‘normal’ but you still feel out of balance.
This essential feedback – showing your individual current health levels – is one way that Reflex touch therapy can be used to improve your health. As you make healthy changes to lifestyle your internal organs can be assessed – often before you can feel and see yourself – how your body is responding.

By using Reflex Touch, Jo could tell where the problem was and what we could do about it. The Reflex Touch was amazing, just lightly touching my feet and she could feel which organs in my body were under stress, I felt so relaxed and at peace during and after the treatment. S MK

This ranges from aches and pains, perhaps in your shoulders to areas such as the lymphatic system, thyroid and ovaries or prostate.
Reflex touch therapy is designed to support and adapt to your individual needs through this unique feedback. Regular appointments can really help you to fine tune your daily lifestyle choices.

Stress has been described as the modern epidemic. Its impact on health, both physical and mental should not be under-estimated. I have found that Reflex Touch Therapy has many benefits to offer anyone suffering with stress.


Feedback about reflex touch…….

A natural touch that means so much

In anticipation of my first Reflex Touch treatment I was filled with curiosity, excitement and if I’m honest, some in trepidation of what may be identified. Although I had no known serious ailments, it’s fair to say that I had several on-going niggles and an inherent desire to naturally improve my health and overall wellbeing. As someone with an interest in alternative remedies, I have had several reflexology treatments in the past and so was very interested to see how Reflex Touch compared.

Within seconds of the treatment beginning the differences were clear. Reflex Touch is all about the touch, and it is just that – the gentlest of touch, as opposed to a massage. The spiritual element is the other significant difference, especially the energy transferred from therapist to client. Perhaps not all feel it straight away, but I certainly felt it as an incredibly calming, relaxing and warm sensation.

On the surface this was a soothing treatment, not to mention pampering of the feet, with warming strokes and then the gentle touch, but in reality this went so much deeper. Jo picked up on stresses and emotions within my body that only I would know about and identified unbalances within my body that made perfect sense.

Afterwards I felt a completely relaxed and a warm tingling feeling on my feet. Shortly after this I felt a chill across my whole body, followed by an overall soothing sensation. Over an hour later my feet still felt so relaxed and tingly, not to mention soft! I could almost hear them thanking me for the treat and I am certainly thankful for this enlightening experience that I am already looking forward to experiencing again. Tackley Oxon.

Reflex Touch is included in all my Assessments and is available as 30 minute follow-up appointments.

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