Seeds to Balance Hormones

Seeds to Balance Hormones

Seed rotation is quite popular right now and is worth trying for 3-6 months; remember to score and note your menstrual symptoms before you start and after each month. That way you can see for yourself any results.

I like this system because seeds provide great nutrition for general health anyway even if you are through the menopause or have no menstruation.
This system also helps you connect to your monthly cycle and can be used with the phases of the moon. Not as weird as it sounds, as women naturally sync with the moon cycles.

How to seed rotate;

Follicular Phase: Day 1 to Day 14, or until ovulation:
1 tablespoon each freshly ground raw flax seeds and pumpkin seeds daily.

Luteal Phase: From Day 15 (about) to 28, or until menses:
1 tablespoon each freshly ground raw sunflower and sesame seeds daily.

Not all women have 28 day cycles. So it’s important to know your body’s rhythms and read its signs.

What about menopause or no cycle?

If you do not have a cycle either because you are not menstruating or because you have entered perimenopause, menopause and you are in post menopause, seed rotation can still help.

If you are pre-menopausal and not cycling, start the seed rotation any time you like and do two weeks of each seed rotation.

If you have already entered menopause, you can start applying seed rotation any time you like and keep each seed combination (like flax seed and pumpkin) for one to two weeks, then switch to the other (like sunflower and sesame seeds).

Using seeds with the Moon

Start the flax seed and pumpkin combo during the new moon (or crescent moon); this is when you would naturally be getting your period.

Start the sesame and sunflower combo during the full moon; this is when you would naturally be ovulating

Seed Tips

Grind your seeds! This will help your body digest them, especially flax seeds, which can simply pass right through you intact. Pre-ground seeds like flax have less potency.

It’s best to either freshly grind it daily, or pre-grind a batch for a week’s worth and keep it in an air-tight container, in the fridge.

Buy the best quality you can find.

How to use seeds in your meals

Sprinkle your ground seeds into oatmeal, on salads, in yogurt, or blend into smoothies.

Make your own seed crackers. Try Recipe HERE and HERE

Make your own chocolate seed bark. Try recipe HERE

Seed Benefits

There are many benefits of including seeds in your diet, and having a variety in this rotation is a great way to ensure you include them. Here are some benefits that relate especially to hormones.

Flax and Pumpkin
Both pumpkin and flax seed can help your body detoxify the extra oestrogen that can plague this time of the month (the lignans especially from the flax seeds bind to excess oestrogen and help your body to eliminate it) High zinc levels in pumpkin seeds prevent the oestrogen from converting to harmful forms of testosterone and also prime your body for progesterone production which will happen in the second half of the cycle.

Sesame and Sunflower
The high content of zinc in sesame seeds and vitamin E in sunflower seeds has been shown to stimulate progesterone production. By adding one tablespoon of sesame seeds and one tablespoon of sunflower seeds per day in the luteal phase, we can naturally support the body to produce more progesterone, a hormone which many women experience low levels.

Struggling with Hormones?

See if I can help you; details HERE and HERE

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