Sugar Cravings

Sugar Cravings

I’ve written this little guide to help my clients who struggle either with constant sugar cravings or Sugar yo-yo; where you give up sugar for a short while but then it sneaks back in!

As a chocolate addict myself I am not here to judge anyone. What I do know, as an herbalist, is the less sugar we have in our everyday meals the better our health.
Sugar destroys our body, emotions and health.
When you consistently reduce your sugar intake your current and future health will improve.

We sometimes have to wait until we are ready to tackle Sugar cravings!

Is sugar a problem for you?

It is not just the obvious cakes, sweets, chocolate, biscuits, yoghurts, sweetened cereal (bars) and spoons of sugar that means sugar is a problem for you.
If you drink alcohol you have sugar in your diet. If you take sweeteners and drink low calorie fizzy drinks and squash you have sugar in your diet. Low calorie and sin-free treats is still sugar. If you have daily convenience foods you have sugar in your diet.

Anything that your brain and pancreas identify as sugar is a problem.

Fruit, fermented beverages, Honey and 85% and over dark chocolate are in a grey area that I prefer to assess individually.

Many people tell me they don’t have a sugar problem but they still consume sugar every week.

Hey I love chocolate, always will, the only reason I avoid it is because of my health.

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So, if you struggle read on.

Personal Assessment is Crucial

Sugar is sometimes quite complicated because it impacts our emotions and addiction centres in the brain, as well as contributing to just about every health disease.

There are many underlying causes of why we continue to crave sugar and until we identify them and put support in place it is much harder to deal with our sugar cravings.

A personal assessment for sugar is crucial. I can see which organs are struggling and identify underlying causes and emotional and addiction issues that need support as well.

Now you have a whole plan and understanding of why you struggle with sugar cravings.
I never judge anyone struggling with sugar because I am aware how complicated it can be for so many people.

Yo-yo sugar cycle.

Most of us know that cutting out sugar will improve our health and that there will be some withdrawal symptoms – after this we are told we will be on the sugar-free path.
I read this too but what I found personally and with my clients was the yo-yo-sugar cycle. You make some effort to give sugar up – and go through sugar detox.
A few weeks later, months you consume some sugar (because sugar is every-where).
And before you know it – you are right back to square one and your need for sugar as strong as before. The yoyo cycle has begun.

This is because sugar is a chemical addiction in the brain and linked with stress and emotions.
Most sweeteners (including some natural ones) impact the same area of the brain as refined sugar.

Sweet taste or poison and a clean palette

The ancient healers knew the value of sweet taste – it is nourishing and building to the whole body and energetically it is warming and moist.
However anything much sweeter than rice was viewed as poison!
To bring sweet taste back into balance they used the bitter taste.

I first came across the term ‘clean palette’ from Geoff Thompson (spiritual martial artist & writer). This simply means that the modern diet changes our natural palette so that only very sweet (poison) or salty tastes normal.

But our palette is naturally capable of much more, we just have to clean the palette.

This is why alternative sugars are best as a supportive part of the journey or for occasional use.

Eventually when our palette is clean, we discover a whole range of different natural sweet tastes!

Addiction Pathway

Imagine sugar addiction as fast 6-lane motorway; it’s fast, straight and easy, so not much thought is required.

Many of us consume sugar with no thought and just a feeling of relief as the addiction is kept fed.
If you stop sugar while you are at a 6-lane the next time you have any sugar you are straight back to this fast level of addiction.

My approach is to slowly – at your pace – cut the 6 lanes down to a single country lane.

So that the next time you are exposed to sugar the addiction is slow and weak. Making it much easier for you to address and control.

It is simple to do all you need is patience and a bit of self-love!

Start by cutting down your regular sugar consumption by 50%; each day, week, or month depending how fast you want to go.

This starts cleaning that sugar palette and reducing the addiction pathway. It also allows your body to start repairing.
When you are on only a very small amount of sugar, say you have gone from 2 tsp of sugar in each drink to just ¼ tsp, you can stay here for a little while as this will help reduce your withdrawal symptoms.

I will discuss all of this with you personally in clinic, how sugar shows up for each of us is different but the principle is the same.

This stage is what you are most likely to go back to if you slip in the future, so allow yourself some time here so that your body becomes ‘used’ to this level.

Believe me if you do slip at this stage (and in modern life its hard not to) it is a little blip and easily controlled.

Once you reach this stage (and for some people this can take time) you can then decide how much sugar is best for you and your health and your life-style.

Here to help You

In a consultation I may offer herbs and discuss products that may help you personally with sugar cravings. This includes support for emotions, root causes of specific organs and personal recipes and products.

FREE Sugar-free Recipes and Tips

For over 20 years I have studied and researched and tried out many sugar-free recipes and products and tried many tips. 

The best of these I have collected into a recipe book which is FREE to all my clients.

Not being ruled by sugar is liberating!

I have tried to outline some of the basic principles I use to support clients with sugar cravings, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!

Email me direct to book your appointment;

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