Sunflower Seed Sprout Secrets

Sunflower Seed Sprout Secrets

Sunflower seeds have a lot to offer us when it comes to natural health and are tasty and easy to use in your everyday meals.

Sunflower seeds are beneficial for just about everyone. When it comes to your Iridology health constitutions we find Sunflower seeds helpful for;

Responsive (Immunity/Lymph)
Creative (hormones),
Resilient & Self-Protective (nervous system)
Golden (adrenals).
For women Sunflower seeds can support all stages of our hormones from pregnancy to menopause.

The nutrition bit

Sunflower seeds are high in B Vitamins especially Folate so great for pregnancy, stress and the nervous system.

High in Vitamin E which is essential for Vitamin C and makes them high in anti-oxidants so helpful for immunity (lymph) especially respiratory issues and cardiovascular support such as blood pressure and heart-health.

They are also good sources of Protein and Zinc.

Sprouting Magic

When you sprout sunflower seeds they become sweet, crunchy and high in Protein, Enzymes, Zinc and B Vitamins.

Sprouted seeds are easier on your digestion and have more nutritional power. I like them in the early stages of sprouting when the seeds have been soaked overnight. They add a rice or grain texture to salads and stir-fries that is actually high in Protein and so helpful for blood sugar levels. They are perfect for soaking up other flavours.

I simply add a handful of sprouted sunflower seeds to my favourite breakfast, salad and stir-fry recipes it really is that simple!

They are so easy and tasty that they really are worth trying.

Sprouting secrets

Hulled Sunflower seeds (pale no hard skin)

Soak for 12 hours in water. Drain. Then leave for another 12 hours. You will notice a tiny white sprout. They are now ready to eat; sweet and crunchy. They are best eaten fresh but can be stored in the fridge (dry well first) for 24 hours. Perfect for breakfast, salads or stir-fry.

You can also sprout sunflower greens as they make another highly nutritious baby green leaves. This takes a bit more care and time. There are also hundreds of recipes for sunflower seeds from milks to crackers to sweeter meals and shakes. My job was simply to remind you how beneficial they are and how easy to include them.

The dry seeds I have mentioned in Seed Rotation for Hormones HERE

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