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Is Sugar a problem for me?

Most people are aware that too much sugar is not good for us from dental health, weight gain to more serious diseases such as IBS, arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions and cancer to anxiety and depression. So we switch to ‘healthy’, ‘diet’, low-calorie’ and ‘low-sugar’ meals but many people still wonder ‘Is sugar a problem for…

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Candida Support

Candida is an imbalance of the bacteria in the gut. It is very common, and caused by the modern lifestyle of sugar, yeast, antibiotics, hormone pills and many other medications, processed foods and even some of our water. Most people have some imbalance, and it is often the root cause of many symptoms and diseases.…

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Intolerance Test

I have seen people on strong medications and suffering for many years wondering what was wrong with them and if they would ever get better; when the culprit was the milk in their daily tea or wheat in the morning toast. This is the one Self-Care that produces more ‘miracle’ results than any other. However…

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Why it’s never JUST stress

Modern life creates a lot of stress and very few of us escape completely. Most of us cope with low level stress for decades, and we learn to adjust and cope. About 6 months ago I began to experience higher levels of on-going stress when my teenage daughter started having seizures at night. So I…

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