This has felt a long cold winter! So I have been making time for spices in my daily self-care.

In herbal medicine spices are great for the circulatory system, healing often relies on the blood moving well. Spices are also famous for enhancing our immune system, handy in the winter. Research has shown that spices can balance blood sugar levels and support the liver. They also boost the libido!

Spices and Iridology constitutions

If your constitution is Vital-flow then spices are really good for you as your constitution thrives with good circulation. Golden and Crystal constitutions also have links with heart function which spices can support. Responsive and Peacemaker can really enjoy improved warmth and immune protection with spices. Synergy is helped with the spicy support of Liver and blood sugar levels.


Get Spicy

The common spices I use (there are others!) include;

Black Pepper

You can buy them fresh, dried, powder, frozen and ready-to-use.

You can also use them as teas; ginger tea and spicy chai are very popular.

My personal goal was to use as wide a variety of spices as possible. Having studied herbal medicine for 20 years what I know is that most of our natural plant-based ingredients are all equally amazing. The best way to benefit is to simply embrace variety.

So I have enjoyed spicy teas, spicy oats for breakfast, spicy stir-fry and chilli, curry and Mexican based meals in the evening. Just start with what you already have in your kitchen.

I like to bring conscious intention to my meals; connecting with the natural goodness and benefits of ingredients that both taste great and keep me healthy.

I am pretty sure you already know that spices are good for you; my work is simply to remind and inspire you!

I’m not a cook, so am proof that you can still create health in the kitchen with very little skills, just a little intention and information.

As always the more you understand your own body, the better.

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