What is a Healthy Bowel?

What is a Healthy Bowel?

What is a healthy Bowel?

Your bowel (colon) function can give you quite a good indication of your overall health levels. Bowel habits tend to be private, and individual, but it helps to understand the personal link between your bowel and your health.

In fact the old time healers believed purging and cleansing the bowel could cure many ailments.

I tend to compare the colon to how we approach our dustbins. It is only when are bins are not cleaned and removed on a regular basis that the content becomes toxic.

Health and Emotions

Slight daily bowel changes can show you how well your body copes with your current diet.  So when you make changes you might first notice them in your bowel function. Slow, fast or erratic transit time of the colon should be noted.

Yes the old time healers believed it was impossible to be happy if you were constipated. All sorts of health issues are improved when the colon flows as it should. I talk about this a lot in clinic, as through reflex touch I can see how balanced your bowel function is in relation to the rest of your body.

Tense anxious people can have slow colon function so for them I share ways to relax the colon (and them).

Loose urgent bowels can be misery. This can also be due to anxiety, stress and tension but also specific intolerances and other causes. This is when you need to think about how to hold onto your nutrients.


The colon is very important for anyone coping with a hormone imbalance. The colon directly supports the Liver which is essential for any of the hormone issues such as thyroid, endometriosis, Pcos, fertility, menopause, painful periods and PMT.

It is said that the first morning bowel movement removes the old hormones out of the body.

What is a healthy bowel?

One needs a bowel movement roughly three times a day, dependent on the daily food intake. I.e. one for each meal you eat. You should be eliminating four fifths of your food intake over an eleven to nineteen hour period of time.

The ideal bowel movement should float in the toilet bowl: sinking suggests compaction, due to the faecal matter spending too long in the bowel or being too congested with mucus. They should come out effortlessly and break up slowly or remain only in partially light floating pieces, with no excess flatulence. White and yellow movements could signify liver and gall-bladder problems.

Transit Time Test

Oh yes you can test your transit time easily from home!

You should be eliminating four fifths of your food intake over an eleven to nineteen hour period of time. Most of us do not check the amount of time that food takes to pass through the system.

Try swallowing a handful of sunflower seeds – the white seeds show up well against the other colours and are a useful way to measure the amount of time food takes to pass through the system.

You can use sweetcorn as well.

TIP: make sure you have not eaten sunflower seeds/sweetcorn at least a week or more before you do the test!

Problems can either be caused by a lack of, or overactive peristalsis.

Bottom Line!

Try observing your own bowel over the next couple of months. Notice how it functions on a day when you feel great and on those off-days, you might notice a link. Also of course notice your bowel function after different foods and drinks.

Stressed? Irritated? How is your bowel working?

Many people have one bowel movement a day but quite a few people only have a movement every couple of days. Once you have a bowel that works a couple of times a day you really do feel much better.

Even with hectic lives it should be easy to manage a morning and evening bowel movement.

Come and see me

It is really worth having an assessment to check your bowel function if you are concerned.

From my Reflex Touch assessment I can see if your bowel is balanced and happy for you and your body.

I also can see why your bowel has got out of balance and many tips you can use at home.


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