Hello welcome to your annual assessment invitation.

I am offering everyone who has not seen me for 12 months a simple reminder.

Why do I need to come back?

Most people understand that an annual dental check-up is important and essential for the sake of their teeth and gums.
Or that their yearly car service can prevent costly repairs in the future.
But when it comes to our health and internal organs we tend to wait for symptoms to get so bad or we need a test to alert us that we have a problem, a disease.


By the time you have developed full blown disease such as heart conditions, diabetes, cancer, ulcers, arthritis and liver/gall-bladder/kidney or thyroid problems (to name a few) it does take intense heroic medicine to manage your health.

However there is a HUGE grey area before you reach this diagnosis.

This is when you don’t feel 100% and have a few little niggles, perhaps a bit of stress or heartache, fatigue, sleep issues, IBS, signs of aging, ‘hormones’ and aches and pains. Nothing to complain about really, that you maybe sort with over-the-counter medications, and if you have seen the GP it all comes back ‘fine’.
If you have a strong constitution you do not receive these common warning signals, and early symptoms are so often covered up with sugar, caffeine, alcohol and pain-killers.

The good news is that this grey area is exactly where natural health becomes very powerful as a preventative measure.
I think nearly everyone would rather stay in that ‘grey’ area and push back the big diseases.

As you already know, my techniques are very simple, all that is required is a reminder and tweak to keep you building your health naturally from home.

Recovery Time

Now there are all sorts of reasons why we get sick in this modern world from genetics to the sheer onslaught of man-made toxins and lifestyle that our body has to deal with and of course the relentless stress, financial, work and relationships.
Even if you take your daily vitamins and go to the gym, and life is ‘good’, there is a lot for our bodies to deal with.

Natural healing has been shown to reduce the recovery time if you do get sick. This is called integrated medicine, where natural/alternative works in tandem with conventional; the best of both.

Natural health works even better when it is already in place, and had a chance to really nourish you, because this is creating the reserves you need to ensure a great recovery.

Why my assessment?

25 years ago my prognosis was not great with over 20 years of poor health behind me. Yet I have managed to stay in that grey area for 25 years, despite having a generally weak constitution and coping with my fair share of stress (single-self-employed mum).
I take very few products. But I do follow the natural health techniques I learned over 25 years ago with some personal twists.

Your assessment helps you understand your personal grey area; what your own body needs to stay in balance.
Then I teach you how to give those same techniques your own personal twist.

Now a year or more ago you learned some of this.

But I am pretty sure in that time that there have been a few slips that have made it hard for you to get back on track. Or that your circumstances and body has just changed a little bit. And that you have just plain ‘forgotten’ a lot of it!

Don’t worry this is normal when you learn any new skill!

I already have your notes (if it’s been in the last 6 years) and the great benefit is that I can see what progress or difference is showing in your body. So I can help you keep on track BEFORE symptoms get worse.

When should I come back?

I think everyone should come back for an annual assessment at least once a year for 1 hour. Again you will receive your personal summary of support that you can follow along from home over the next year.

If you are over 50, already managing a health condition then it could be slightly more often, chat to me and we can discuss individually. I can be flexible with 30-minute appointments and Skype chats to suit your needs.

Each month I have a healthy ‘theme’ with a special bonus; such as sugar cravings, stress or winter health, menopause or aging, that is included in the assessment. So you can let me know when you book, if one of these is of special interest to you. I am always finding new ways to ‘reward’ regular clients with an extra bonus!

Book now!
All you have to do is email me. Send me a little update about your circumstances so I can refer back to your notes and then I can help you get the most value from my work.
Some people get in touch when their health goes really wrong, and I always do my best, and often they will find it easy to make changes which is very positive. But it is so much easier for you if you come before then for a review so that we can keep your health ticking along (and getting stronger!).

Because it is what you do today that creates your future health.

I really hope you will accept my invitation,

Email me at jo@joanneoliver.co.uk

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